Does anyone else have trouble when trying to get into the community site?

Does anyone else have issues when they clear their browser data then sign-in on the main site, then try to access the community site only to be redirected to a new login screen (that looks the same) and asked to again but are unable to click the login button? This happens to me every time i try to log in again on Chrome. i have to be logged out of the community site log in on the main site, then click some stuff on the community site before i can get in.

Are you getting any specific error messages when trying to log in, and if not, could you clarify what you mean by “unable to click the login button”? I tried to recreate the issue just now but I’m getting an “unknown error” when trying to log into DCUI itself. I’m able to get into the community just fine though.

no error message just the a circile with a line through it when i log in to the main site first then go to the community or try to log in through the community directly redirect to this link (note i the error in the website name was intentional to show the full link instead of the auto-link correction): it could be a weird bug that works differently but i am not Oracle or Tim Drake so I cant say for sure other than an educated guess on what may be the cause. as i said I use google chrome, i do not have this issue using Silk browser, i do use Norton anti-virus but I do not use the VPN function much. I don’t feel comfortable sharing more than that.

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Thanks for the link, I’ll pass this on to the team and see if there’s something strange going on with the SSO (Single Sign-On) functionality for DCUI / DCUI Community.

@Nobody.bladesmith - I just got in touch with our CS team and it sounds like they’re handling things on their side with your ticket. Keep an eye out for further communication from them (if required) :slight_smile:

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