Doctor fate, lords of order,lords of chaos

It would be cool to see doctor fate in more media like video games, movies,TV shows cause I always thought the stories were cool. I just think it would be cool for dc to show some doctor fate action more including the lords of order and chaos I think it would open a whole new world in movies, games, tv shows to explore. people I know just don’t know character or their Plus dc is amazing. I mean I grew up having autism and dc it’s really changed who I am today and help me be more open have the friends I have today . Also I feel if dc connected doctor fate , lords of order and chaos in live action movies it would blow away marvels doctor strange if done right. I hope dc officials find a way to do this. Go DC!!!


Wes Bentley as Doctor Fate



That would be awesome,

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If the new Justice League Dark is any indication, magic is coming back into the forefront again


no way, id have Wes play Klarion

I love the magical realm of DC. I would support any increase in any area as u proposed. A live-action or Animated series with Dr. Fate, Klarion etc. would be awesome to see.