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I miss this thread.

Hope all is well Doc.


Hey @DocAtlas hope you are well. Here’s some scans that I believe can from a DC calendar.


@xLOVEandDoomPatrolx Awww, thanks! You guys are the best!

All things considered, I’m doing ok. I’m still working like a madman at my practice and helping my family (right before the pandemic hit, my stepfather passed away from a glioblastoma, so a lot of estate stuff had to wait until now which has been difficult for my mom, as you might imagine). I still haven’t taken a break from my practice yet despite my efforts to do so. However, an old friend from my grad school days recently invited me to his place in southern California for a little R&R (and probably some hardcore reminiscing). He didn’t have to invite me twice, Plane tickets are bought, days are being counted down!

In the meantime, because of certain news recently, I’ll try to put together an update that would be apropos for the moment. My goal is to post it before the premiere of The Batman on Thursday night. BTW, I’ll be going late night on Thursday to see it in IMAX, so if anyone is gonna be in Connecticut and wants to join, please feel free!

@TravisMorgan Great scans! Thanks for sharing!

I would have guessed the Adams-Giordano Batman & Robin art would have been from an old Power Records LP album cover considering the shape and the space available for copy, but I’m probably wrong. Again, thanks!


It may have been used for both. I noticed the little hole on the Batman & Robin and the GL/GA so I figured they were calendars.


Ok, here’s a little something for @xLOVEandDoomPatrolx and @TravisMorgan and @DC89 and @moro and @Chiefsfan15 and anyone else who checked out this thread and maybe wanting a little more. My apologies for not meeting my goal to post this before seeing the new Batman movie. Work got even more nuts, even to the point of currently jeopardizing my aforementioned little SoCal getaway, I just don’t know how this will turn out right now. Hopefully things will turn out ok with certain patients, which is far more important than any trip I might take. Time will tell.

However, I have absolutely no right to complain, a simple fact that is proven by the subject of this post.

The legendary Mr. George Pérez.

Earlier in this thread, I wrote and posted about the series Swordquest drawn by Mr. Pérez as part of a partially produced series by DC for games made by Atari for their 2600 VCS platform. What follows is the cover I believe he made that was published by a fanzine called Atari Age. I doubt it was made specifically for Atari Age (and the interior shows no evidence for or against that), but I haven’t seen it elsewhere.

Of course, Mr. Pérez is well known for other celebrated works.

The front cover of the Absolute Edition of Crisis on Infinite Earths:

And of course JLA-Avengers.

The front cover of not-technically-an-Absolute-Edition-but-the-same-size-so-it-might-as-well-be of JLA-Avengers:

And the back cover:

Now, I’m going to break a rule I made for myself for this thread, that being no autographed items since this was more about history everyone here might be interested in and not letting that history get lost, but it’s Mr. Pérez, so to heck with it. Here is a copy of JLA-Avengers #1 that was sold by Dynamic Forces with a Superman head sketch and signature by Mr. Pérez and colorist Tom Smith:

However, as many here know, this edition of JLA-Avengers was not the first attempt to do this team-up. About twenty years prior, Mr. Pérez also worked on this team-up only to have it allegedly derailed by then Marvel Editor-in-Chief Jim Shooter. (An aside, there is more I can post about this, so if there’s interest, please let me know, but for now, that is beyond the scope of what I’d like this post to be about.)

But don’t take my word for it. Let’s let Mr. Pérez discuss it!

From 1983, an interview (along with wonderful pencil drawings) with Mr. Pérez conducted by David Anthony Kraft in a magazine Mr. Kraft published, Comics Interview #6:

It was recently announced by Mr. Pérez that he has Stage 3 pancreatic cancer that is inoperable. He has decided not to pursue treatment and his life expectancy as the time of his diagnosis is 6-12 months.

As I write this, he’s still here, so here’s hoping, not only that he gets as much time as possible left in his life, but also as much life as possible left in his time!

I should mention that Hero Initiative, in cooperation with DC and Marvel, is reprinting the JLA-Avengers book. It’s limited to 7000 copies at a retail price of $29.99.

Hopefully more copies will be able to be published, especially since Hero Initiative is a great comic book based charity that Mr. Pérez was involved with for many years.

Finally, did you catch the most important thing I posted here today? Well, if not, I really can’t blame you. It was a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it thing.

Ok, ok, I’ll give you a hint. The following quote is from a post dated December 26, 2021 on the Facebook page of Mr. Pérez

Ever since I left Facebook a few years ago, some of my fans and friends have told me how they missed certain updates that seemed to always lift their spirits. So, now that I’m back, it feels like the perfect time to reinstate my monthly celebration of my wonderful, empowering and ever so passionate marriage to the lovely Carol Flynn.
It was 486 months ago that this remarkable woman took me on as her forever soulmate and I couldn’t be more grateful, especially with all the challenges we will face together in the coming months. Carol is my strength, my reason to carry on, no matter the odds. If positivity, love and the unshakable love of my wife and the praters and well wishes of all of you reading this has any curative powers at all, I will look forward to beating the odds given me and, in 14 months, proclaim to all who hear that Carol and I will be celebrating our 500th Monthiversary of a marriage and partnership that is a testament to a love that will live on forever.
I feel that this is a noble goal, and one I will do all that I can to achieve—or die trying, with a smile on my face.

Thus, the most important thing I posted is from that 1983 issue of Comics Interview, specifically the last item in the Vital Statistics box:


It appears he still enjoys his Favorite Pastime!

I hope we should all be so incredibly lucky (and worthy) to have a “Carol” in our lives!


Great stuff @DocAtlas.

Always cool seeing an old Comics Interview . . . and Mr. Pérez’s quote about Carol is so lovingly sweet. :white_heart:


I have some new bootlegs to contribute. With the passing of Neal Adams I found scans of his paintings for the Tarzan paperbacks. Enjoy @DocAtlas and the rest of the community.


Great stuff there! Thanks for posting and also for finding my thread a worthy place for them!

This past week, I had the good fortune (thanks to my daughter) to see Mr. Neil Gaiman in Hartford. Among other works, he read an unpublished piece about his relationship with Batman. He said he never thought he would read it aloud for an audience until two weeks ago when Mr. Adams passed away. Mr. Gaiman talked about how Mr. Adams wasn’t just an amazing artist, but also how vital his work was on behalf of Mr. Jerry Siegel and Mr. Joe Shuster.

I might have something for a post on Mr. Adams. Just need some time to put it together.