Do you want Henry Cavill to stay as Superman?

News today broke that Henry Cavill is no longer Superman in the DCEU movies. I really want this to be a rumour and not true because Henry Cavill and Superman are the heart if the DC Movies. Do you want Cavill to stay or have someone else replace him?


I think he is a good actor and if given the right material he could do a good job as Superman.


I like Henry as Superman. Personally, I wish he would have had a shot at MoS 2.


Yes… he’s shown a lot of promise.

No I’m pretty happy this news dropped cause I’ve been wanting them to recast for awhile now.

He’s a great Superman. I hope he stays. I want at least ONE more solo film with him.

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I just read something by his manager that “The cape was still in Henry’s closet”… So, it’s not official yet.

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Cavil is still Superman… This link below is posted from Henry Cavil’s manager:

Warner Brothers knows Cavil is beloved as Superman. They will do what it takes to keep him on board. However…

What say you?

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More rumors. He is staying.

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Henry Cavill is second only to Christopher Reeves himself. Similar to Sean Connery and Daniel Craig. I hope to continue seeing Cavill as Superman for as long as possible. Also can’t wait for the Witcher series.


No… Stupid question… He sucks

I’m not a fan. Kind of bland.

I just wait and see if he really out officially

He is amazing. And there is no official word of his exit. He probably will stay. I hope. He’s what helped me like Superman.


He said he is far more interested in playing Geralt in The Witcher, he was never really a DC fan, he’s more of a WoW and Witcher nerd more than a DC nerd so it’s probably best for him to be in something he’s actually passionate about.

I doubt he’s a fan of the Witcher. He’s only saying that because he’s getting paid an enormous amount of money. I love the books as I have read them all but the cast is terrible.


Not to mention the Geralt costume is ridiculous looking lmao

Count the lines of dialogue is he has had in some of these movies such as Superman versus Batman he hasn’t been given the chance to act


I loved what he did with the character in Man of Steel/BVS, bringing a more grounded, human, and flawed take on the character that I think is far more compelling than any hokey Chris Reeve impression could ever be. So yes, absolutely I would love to see what he would do if he had more to do.


Well I mean, he said he was a fan of Witcher plenty of times way before he got the role.

But I honestly don’t think he’s going to say “I’m a fan of (said franchise)” just because he’s involved. It’s hard to believe that someone would lie about being a fan of somethimg like that or lie about reading the books and playing a specific game.

Was he a good actor for Superman? Of course! I’m not saying he wasn’t but even he himself said that he didn’t care about getting the part to play Superman, he said when he got the call, he ignored button so that his World Of Warcraft game wouldn’t be interrupted. He’s a huge gamer lol