Do you want an option to read collections/graphic novels?

Instead of single issues? Saw a thread were someone asked if that is an option on this service. I think that would be helpful for new people who don’t know where to start.

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That’s why they have get to know options where you can familiarize yourself. They also have a storyline tab. I find it helpful to make lists for storylines

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Thank you for reaching out with this request, @JohnOnyx115!

As @Moloch mentioned, there are a number of ways to browse our comic library. If you go to the main comic page, you’ll see a number of options, including sorting by storylines. By selecting this option, you can see some of DC’s most iconic stories, with all affiliated comics grouped nearly together. If you’d like, you can even add these comics to your personal lists.

If you have any suggestions for how we can improve or expand this feature, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re always looking for ways to make reading and enjoying comics easier for our wonderful community members, and your feedback is very important to help make sure that happens.

I will also be moving this thread to Support and Feedback in just a moment, so that we can keep a better eye on it.

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I like the idea. Instead of reading a storyline like Batman: Hush that may reference other comics, there can be a graphic novel of Batman The Golden Age vol 1, so readers can read about Batman from the beginning.

@zatanna Let us publish our own LISTs!!!

Then fans could start combing the comics into volume collections for people to read easily!


Yeah, we have the list option already, so other people should be allowed to make use of those lists. For instance, I wasted way too much time making a list that places the Doug Moench 1980s run on Batman/'Tec in proper order, and it’s just languishing with little purpose.


Are you saying the lists save your order? I gave up on making lists several months ago because they never kept in the right order. Did they fix that in one of the updates?

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@.50710 It honestly depends on the platform. I forget which ones do and don’t…

I had to create the lists in reverse order to get them the way I wanted.

OK thanks for the answers. I’ll just wait until the beta to try again.