Do you think we will have a injustice 3 game

I sure hope so

The ending of Injustice 2 suggests that they at least once had every intention of doing so.

I think it will happen.

The only thing that says otherwise is the cancelation of the comic. It’s not going to be a pretty restart of an accompanying comic with the way they left it at the start of Injustice 2.

Yeah, after Mortal Kombat 11 which is in development. It’s been a two year alternation since MK 2011 and Injustice 1.

Injustice 2 's endings planted seeds for a sequel like the first game did but I’m hoping Flash goes back in time and changes everything to how it was right before Injustice 1 by preventing Superman from accidently killing Lois and they’re unborn baby because of Joker.

Injustice’s universe is confirmed to be a parrelel universe though and so I’m sure there would still be some new crazy changes