Do You Think We Will Get Any Surprise Announcements From Fandome?

Fandome has basically turned into my Super Bowl and I can’t wait. It seems like most of it will revolve around updates on things we saw at last year’s event and their big drawing point is a new Batman trailer. With that, do you think we will be getting any surprise announcements entertainment-wise of a new series, game, or movie that we haven’t heard about?


Here’s hoping! I agree that Fandome has become like my Superbowl (especially since I don’t watch the Superbowl). Since it does not seem to be as long as last year I am wondering if it will just be stuff we already know but I am hoping for some sort of surprise announcements. That was one of the best parts of last years.

Maybe a new Max series since they seem to be trying to crank those out. There’s was also a leek a while ago, not very reliable but that there was an Arkham underground game coming out which was a old mobile game that got shut down but was pretty fun. I wouldn’t be mad if they released it the day of the 16.

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has a schedule been released? I think they might have a teaser/trailer for young justice, I’ve seen a lot of adds for the 4th season for coming up online, and some of the various HBOmax shows, maybe a trailer for super pets movie since we got a teaser a while back or Black adam something.we will probably get a reminder that the flash movie is still in existance. I am hoping (I know this is unlikely) any news about the supposed Batgirl movie

100% yes

Hmm 100% I hope so and I’m gonna hold you to that.

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