Do you think we need more holiday decorations and items in the DC SHOP?

I haven’t been able to find a whole lot of DC holiday decorations. I really really wanted to make a Red Flash tree this year. Not a whole lot of Flash mech to fill a tree but I really want a DC Christmas.

Who else think it would be really cool to have more holiday stuff in the DC Store?

I totally need an ugly DC Sweater, Coffee Mug and some cool DC decorated Tree so please post some recommendations or photos if anyone has some:p

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We need more items in the shop in general, but given how recently this app was started, I’m not surprised there’s no holiday stuff. Maybe next year?


Calendars would be great. Maybe some made exclusively for DCU with themed categories such as:
-cover art

Exclusive ornaments would be cool too. If there’s stuff this year, that’d be crash but also understandable if not. By next year, there hopefully should be.

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Speaking of Flash Christmas stuff, there’s currently an ornament of him in his New 52 duds at Walmart. It’s in a red box, part of their Hallmark endcap.


Superhero stuff has ugly Christmas sweaters I saw a Batman one I want
Also amazon


Those bulbs are wicked a tree full of those might stay up year round in my house.

When I was a kid, the gut that lived across the street from my family left his Christmas lights on his house all year long.

steers topic back on track



I’d love to have a decked out Red Christmas Tree with Yellow Lights and Flash Ornaments all over it. I seen someone do an incredible Batman one that spins around. But Flash is my favorite DC character.

I think it would be epic :slight_smile: never seen a Flash tree before.

For your enjoyment heres a cool Batman tree lol BATTREE! DUNN NUHNUNUH BATTREE


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Respect. That is awesome to look at

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