Do you think Titans is a step up from teen titans go?

While TTG isn’t my favorite thing, I do think there is definitely room for those kind of kid friendly shows.


Agreed. Gotta get the kiddo’s into DC afterall. I enjoy TTG myself.


Titans 2018 overall is a sluggish, bland, poorly-acted, cliche-ridden, and uninspired mess of a show. It tries so hard to be edgy-- it’s scowl-inducing. Very non-complimentary for DC’s intellectual property and related characters.

While Teen Titans 2003 is outdated, and TTG is a parody, they both do their job in attracting and introducing the young children demographic into the world of DC. I vouch for that with Teen Titans 2003.

I’m baffled people still seem to be turning a blind eye towards Justice League vs Teen Titans and Teen Titans: The Judas Contract. Those are the best adaptations, and most quality depictions of the Titans outside of the comic books by far.

I never understood the hate TTG got. It’s one of the more intelligent animated comedies available right now for kids. I’ve only caught a few episodes with my niece, but every episode I watched, I laughed once or twice. All you hear is people saying “TTG is stomping all over my childhood!” or “TTG sucks, bring back original Teen Titans”. Here’s the truth: TTG is NOT a bad show, y’all are just mad because it’s not the original Teen Titans.


Teen Titans and Teen Titans go are created by the same people. And voiced by the same actors… they still make new episodes of TTG. I think its funny and brilliant. I mean they are teenagers, why not make a show devoted to showing that side of them, when they arent the heros?.. And they have a movie… I saw it in theaters and own it. I think its worth giving a shot, if you’ve never seen it. If anything you’ll get a good laugh out of it. Thats the point :blush: