Do you think there will ever be another Justice League movie based in the Wonder Woman/Aquaman/Shazam universe?

Based on the success of Wonder Woman,Aquaman and the impending success of Shazam,do you think DC(The Powers that BE) may reconsider and bring back the Justice League(albeit without Ben Affleck as Batman and WITH Henry Cavill as Superman) and try to save the Justice League francise?

I think this is a soft reboot. Aquaman and Shazam both explicitly mention events from JL but then move on in their own unique way. This is how DCU movies should work a shared universe but not as tightly scripted as the MCU. Bats and Supes will be back (whoever is playing them). Now that you’ve established some of the rest of the League there should be even more interest in a team movie


Anyone who claims they’re rebooting or anything that specific probably doesn’t know what they’re talking about. And I especially wouldn’t trust anyone who claims to know so much about how Shazam is tied to the other movies, when Shazam hasn’t even been released yet.

If Ben Affleck is gone, so should Henry Cavill. Affleck is the best Batman, but he was greatly watered down in Justice League. As for Cavill, he may do well in another Superman film, but my Lois always needs to be a brunette, not Amy Adams (which I still do not understand why she got the role).

Anyways, if anything, reboot Superman and choose a better story that would share the spirit of Christopher Reeve’s and Brandon Routh’s portrayal- meek and optimistic.

Xnam360 I’m just referring to JL related Easter eggs seen in the trailer and promos obviously I haven’t seen and am just giving my take. Also basing this on statements from the execs at WB talking about a looser universe with a clear departure from the tone of Snyder’s films

abfgmsw,while I agree Affleck was a FAR better Batman than I EVER could have expected,I think Christian Bale or Michael Keaton may have something to say about Ben being the “BEST” ever. I also think Henry Cavill is an excellent Superman and I hope they don’t diminish Superman’s alter ego,Clark Kent to be meek and mild mannered but tough as nails like George Reeves’s portrayal was.

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@msgtv, you’re right that some references are shown in the trailers, but it’s too soon to say for sure that those are going to be the only connections to the other movies we will see in Shazam.

XNam360 true would love to see a cameo from a JL member

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Probably not in the next five years. The last two have been a wake up call for them I would hope, and they won’t be forcing another big team up like that without laying the proper ground work.

Unfortunately I think your timeline may be about right. With all of the DC movies under active production and Marvel studios movies; there is a real chance of audience superhero fatigue. Stretching them out and taking time to develop more of the characters is probably the way to go. I myself would prefer faster production schedule but that is likely not wise.

I would hope so. I can see it happening, but with a different team. Wonder Woman would have to be in it. Maybe Mera and Black Canary (depending on how Birds of Prey goes) could join to add more female leaguers. They might not include Cyborg or Flash, but I really want to see more of them. I felt they had a lot of potential, the first JL just wasn’t the best project for them to showcase the best of those two heroes. With Cyborg coming to Doom Patrol we might not see him in a movie at all, which is sad because he was really good in JL. They really should do a team-up movie with Flash and Cyborg to build up the JL brand, especially if they won’t have Batman and Superman returning soon.

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A JLA without Superman and Batman really won’t fly. They are critical the entire history; perhaps not both but one has to be there and that might work with a good Green Lantern.


The movie studios will not do anything with the Justice league franchise until they decided what they are doing with the Two ( Superman , Batman )staple characters of the franchise. Doesn’t Matter how successful these are the movies are


I doubt it. I think under Walter Hamada, who now runs DC movies, they are going into a different direction with more standalone movies.

Prob but better not be for at least 5 - 10 years also super man (the actor) is out 100% for good won’t return

It’s a soft reboot. Word going around is Cavill and Affleck aren’t going anywhere. The studio is temporarily focusing on other characters besides Batman and Superman, which can only be good for the brand. The Batman is still in production. But MoS2 is still in limbo.

The talk going around is WB/DC want to focus on bringing Supergirl to the big screen(which is weird considering the show). What I think would be a fun way to do it, is adapt the APOCALYPSE graphic novel as Justice League 2. You introduce Supergirl using the trilogy. It also can introduce Darkseid as well, making it a solid sequel to the original JL. Bring in the rest of the League when they go to Apocalypse to retrieve Kara. It is a total no brainer. You take care of three things on the studio checklist.

  1. Introduce Supergirl
  2. Continue what was started in JL
  3. Introduce Darkseid and potentially The New Gods

Just bring in ONE director to oversee the entire thing. And WB needs to keep arms length away.

Eh. Idk. Wonder Woman is great. I think Billy needs some help though.