Do you think scarecrow and Harley would be a good DC couple?

They were both doctors so it would be cool to see them become a DC couple. What do you think?


Hell NO

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Eh, why not? But for the record, Harley and Ivy all the way. :slight_smile:

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I dont see it working out in the end, personally. I think Scarecrow’s a workaholic who wouldn’t be giving much thought to Harley and Harley likes attention.


Nah. Harley would probably get tired of seeing people get scared and want more variety in her life.

Nah and isn’t scarecrow to old for her

I view Scarecrow as a more asexual being. Things like lust are waaaaay on the bottom of his list. His desire to spread and understand fear is all he seems to fixate on.

Nope they Wouldn’t be a good couple trying to picture it but it just isn’t happening :joy:

Don’t think so, as Harley is becoming a good guy (in Injustice 2 she is) I ship her with Cyborg tbh it’s my OTP (even moreso in Injustice 2)

Ok, in most universes no. But what about in the Arkham games. I think if they put their differences aside it would work.

Wow, never thought of that…but maybe. Depends on what version of scarecrow though.

Agreed. In injustice or new 52 then no for sure. I should have been more clear.

I would think no. Just my opinion though

Hell nah

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I think Scarecrow and Harley would be good at wreaking chaos, though! They’d probably get caught rather quickly, though.


Lol I can see that happening too

It’s possible. Half of me is screaming
and the other half is screaming
I’m not sure which side is screaming louder tho…

I think Harls is best suited with Pam-a-lamb :yum:

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Just seems to be the healthiest relationship we’ve seen her in.

No, she would get bored with him lol