Do you think Bruce Wayne found the one?

In past comics, Batman had a lot of love interest, but I wanna here it from other fans who do you think is Batman’s true love. My opinion is Selina Kyle, what are yours.


His war on crime

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I like to believe it’s Selina and that counter to what she thinks, Bruce could still be the guardian Gotham needs while being happy with her.

There’s plenty of people IRL who keep us safe and have found love. Why should Bruce be different?


The official ship is either Selina or Talia. Selina and Bruce get along well together, but…

Bruce already has a son with Talia. Damian.

Then again, I’m pretty sure Batman would rather stick in Gotham with Catwoman than let himself be forced to become the next Demon’s Head with that other woman he likely had a one-night stand with. Tl;dr, I’m vouching for Selina.

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James Gordon.

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Maybe Vroom can help me with this? There’s an issue of Detective Comics where Hush has attacked Selina Kyle, and Bruce Wayne answers this question himself in her hospital room. It is written by Paul Dina. It may be part of the Heart of Hush storyline.

@Misfit, that sounds like Heart of Hush but offhand, I’ve no idea what issue it is exactly TBH.

Gotham city is batman’s only true love!