Do You Remember the DC Heroes RPG?

Moving this old post to the games section where it’s more likely to be seen by people who share my interest in DC Comics roleplaying games…

Has anyone else played the DC Heroes Roleplaying Game? The second edition box, released shortly after Crisis On Infinite Earths, was basically my introduction to the DCU beyond Superfriends and the Christopher Reeve movies and really cemented my love for DC Comics.

I hadn’t played it in years, but a while back I ran a campaign set in the Arrowverse and I was impressed with how well the game holds up! Just wondering if anyone else grew up playing this game, and what your memories are of it.



I have this on my shelf! Haven’t looked at it in years. I also have the 1st edition books (lost the box years ago).

I created a few scenarios but never got to play much. I recall the system was pretty good actually. Made logical sense. I used to just read the books, for DCU info though :slight_smile:

Lol, yes…and i had a post deleted talking about details from it.

I’ve got the 1st ed box too, although I never played it (bought it years later at a used book store just to have it). I’ve also picked up a lot of the published modules second hand, but have only played a couple (re-skinned a Green Arrow/Black Canary one as Bombshells Batwoman & Question and used a couple others for my Arrowverse campaign).

For our Arrowverse games everyone played as either supporting characters from the show (Katana, Firestorm) or versions of DC heroes who hadn’t been used but would fit in well (Manhunter, Blue Beetle, Wildcat II). It was a lot of fun and like you said has a pretty solid rules system.

Did you play it back in the day, or more recently? We started with the Batman RPG (a stripped down version of the full rules) then graduated to 2nd edition, so the system was all we knew. Going back to it after playing a lot of different games some of the mechanics threw me (the charts for target numbers, etc.) but overall I think it holds up.

Just posted about this then noticed your topic.
I’ve been running both DC Adventures and now DC Heroes. DC Heroes is a better system imo, but it’s taking a while to build my collection back up. So far I’ve managed to grab Blood of Heroes SE, DC Heroes 3rd edition, Batman RPG, Swamp Thing Sourcebook, Justice League Sourcebook, Batman Sourcebook, Superman Sourcebook, World at War (Golden Age Sourcebook), and the Atlas.
Still hoping to grab a cheap copy of the Watchmen Sourcebook and the Magic Sourcebook.
I’d love the “Who’s Who” books, but they are way too pricey right now.

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I had the Teen Titans version. I think it’s still around here somewhere.

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The Watchmen book is great, and it has stats and background info for the Minutemen too. I’m still looking for the Swamp Thing sourcebook for a decent price.

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The old boxed set even gave stats for the Sandman, and when you reverse engineered the points, he was about five times as powerful as superman. That unlimited Dimentional travel power was a costly ability.


Really want that Watchmen book. Lowest I’ve seen it is $55 recently.

Yikes! I can’t remember what I paid for it, but it wasn’t too crazy. I also have one of the two Watchmen modules (the second, I believe) which is the only pre-written adventure we bought for the game back in the 80s.

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I used to own this in High School. Only played it a handful of times with friends, tabeltop RPG’s turned out to not be my thing. But it was a near game

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Just grabbed Watchmen Sourcebook, Apokolips Sourcebook, and Magic Sourcebook.
Now I can run some Doomsday Clock and Justice League Dark stuff.

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That’s great! Funny enough, the Apokolips sourcebook was the only other one we had back then.

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