Do you prefer to read comics panelxpanel on DCU or would you prefer to read the physical copy?

With the option to set on autoplay and watch it on your phone, laptop, or your television, if given the option would you choose to read a comic on DCU or some other e-comic player as opposed to reading the physical copy?Like if you had access to the physical copy and the e-comic and you were unfamiliar with the story?

This is a very good question @Yazov. Personally, I am a collector so I have to buy 2 of everything so this app allows me to read the comics I want to read without having to open my physical copies. Therefore it saves me money in the long run.

I just love reading comics - digital or physical doesn’t really matter as long as the story is good and Batman is still awesome :slight_smile:

What about you @Yazov, which do you prefer?

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I plan on being a librarian, so the question of “the death of print” is really kind of interesting to me. I really enjoy both the physical and electronic versions. I prefer to read comics in collected forms and I find that the electronic comics are easier to carry a much larger variety around and have access to a virtual library as opposed to having to go home to my own personal library to retrieve a comic or book. But I also really enjoy books in general, having the feel of a book is something that I think that the electronic medium can’t replicate very well. And the smell is something that I’ve grown incredibly fond of and am glad that I have a sense of smell to appreciate it. I also love to appreciate the work as a whole, and enjoy comics as literature, and I think that there are advantages to both mediums that can come into play here as the panelxpanel feature allows you to really close in on the minor details of a panel and take in the art and allows you to pay attention to the minute details of the story and what the creators are trying to tell you, but I also feel that the story was structured for a print medium and for the audience to actually enjoy the piece tangibly. I also feel that the panelxpanel gives and takes with the movement of the comic, as it gives you the ability to move along like a film, and seems to have the effects of being smooth, but I’ve also noticed that the electronic copies often come with issues such as skipping or improperly ordering panels. But all in all, it’s a difficult question. I’m not one for collecting, but more for getting the story, and I’m okay with using a book and adding some wear as long as I get to truly appreciate the piece, but with the ease of access to e-books and e-comics I think that those issues will be fixed, idk, I’d love to hear what other people think

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I love both. It’s great to have options. The phone is great on the go and waiting at an appointment. I still have a conventional pull list too.


I usually read the books online. Then buy them if I like them

I love both, digital and physical equally

Gimme print, im old. But its kinda cool to read in the dark…

Because of my hectic work schedule, I don’t have much time to hold a physical comic in my hand, so I’ve all but gone fully digital. It’s a godsend, honestly. I’m not a fan of DCU’s panel view because, while not as broken as it was at launch, it’s still kinda busted. It doesn’t crash as often, but a lot of the time dialogue and artwork still gets cropped out when it shouldn’t be.

I love physical copies! The feel, the smell, etc… However, due to my profession/lifestyle, storage space is a huge issue so I’ve gone mostly digital. If I really like a story arc or feel its important to continuity I will still buy the physical copy though.

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I like both for different reasons. DC Archives hardcovers or Marvel Masterworks hardcovers have such exceptional color and paper quality, it’s just a step above. But…I kinda like the pretty colors and lights when I view comics on either a 7 " or 10" Android tablet. And wow have I grown to love the uber unique DCU Roku auto comic book reader. It’s like cheating on my homework with Matt McDonald’s Weekly Book Club here- I always slide in with a review thanks to Super DCU Roku Reader!!!

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@yazov - “Death to print” doesn’t mean a library’s job is done. There still needs to be someone to curate things for us.

As far as the question goes, it varies. There are both pros and cons to reading pane-by-pane and not. Currently, I’m diligently trying to catch up so I feel like reading pane-by-pane slows me down. However, I read Identity Crisis pane-by-pane and it seemed way better than if I wouldn’t have.

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Digital has it’s place but will never replace real comics for me. Especially as long as a digital copy costs the same as a traditional comic. I would NEVER buy digital copies of single issue comics. I do buy some digital copies of graphic novels when they are on sale but I have to consider them a good value and for reading purposes only. They are mostly large collections that have 300 to 400 pages that I paid $5 or $6 for. I always check a few places first to see what kind of price the real issues are first too. Real copies are just more valuable to me. I mean I can keep them and a few will actually be worth more than I paid for them down the road, or I can trade, sell, or gift them so someone else. What will I have for my digital copies, if down the road, the service shuts down? Nothing. And if I purchase a digital book and I don’t end up liking it, I can’t even give the unwanted book to a friend that might like it. To me it feels like a waste of money. However I feel like this app is an great value.

Digital copies are really nice to have though, if you frequently have to sit and wait somewhere. I wouldn’t want to travel with my real comics. Also I do like the way you can see a two page spread in digital. I am loving the comics on the app. It’s changed my morning routine. I used to just get up, make coffee, and sorta veg out. Now I sit down at my PC and read a comic every morning while I drink my coffee.


For a lot of older stuff, the panel by panel doesn’t work at all or only shows half a bubble. A a result, I always prefer the page format. Yet zooming in can be a pain in the butt so I don’t know

I think I will always prefer print, ultimately, but digital does have its advantages. Panel-by-panel has never been very attractive to me, though. I prefer reading on a larger device that can comfortably show me the whole page. Splash pages, particularly, lose a lot on small screens.

The collector in me loves physical copies. Whether it be comics, movies, games, or figures. But I do love the convenience and sharpness I get when reading digitized comics on the service.

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Oh and I like having all the extra money when I use an unlimited service instead of paying $4 for Comic I reading 10 minutes, oooooouchh!

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