Do you like or dislike teen titans go

Do you like or dislike teen titans I like it teah the original is better I enjoy TTG but I want to know what you think about the moive and explain why don’t because it suck that not telling why the show is bad


What do you think about the show not movie but if you want to go ahead also I feel like alot people got accept that TTG is more successful it got over 200 episodes now and a theatrical moive I’m not saying the original is bad just TTG is more successful

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Also don’t say because it suck I hate it when people say that your not telling me why it bad so please give me an actual reason why the show is bad to all the people that dislike TTG

It’s a different outlook on Teen Titans… because they are Teenagers, so the concept of the show is to get an inside look on them “outside” of their superhero persona… I love it. Its funny and goofy. I actually own the movie and the first 3 seasons.

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I’m okay with it. More than anything the characters make me laugh. The art style reminds me of the little dolls called “Bratz”.

I haven’t watched old Teen Titans in years so couldn’t compare the two even if I wanted.

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Love it. This is coming from a 31 year old man. I used to travel for my work alot. I’d spend weeks on end in hotels in Texas, California, New Jersey etc. I had some great hours passed putting T.T Go on the hotel TV and doing my work on my laptop. It’s a fun, nonsensical show that just has fun with it’s stories. Nothing deep or dramatic. ANd it’s not needed. We can get that on other animated shows.


It’s not terrible, but it is also not great enough for me to care about it.

If I’m eating breakfast, and it’s on I might watch an episode, but I wouldn’t buy it, or try to follow it or plan my time to see an episode.

From what I’ve seen there is not enough world building going on, not enough continuity either. The drawing style feels lazy, but I appreciate that it respects the source material. Also, Cartoon Network shows tend to compensate anything with more craaaaazy and louuuuder voices, and it isn’t something that really appeals to me.

With all that negativity out, I will admit that it has its charm and it is occassionally good fun.

I haven’t seen the movie but I will once I find it on some streaming I subscribe to.

It has its moments. Lol.

I like Teen Titans Go alot. It’s fun and features alot of humor, including some that goes over the heads of most kids. Plus the references to other DC entertainment are abundant and always fun to pick out.

The movie was fun too. Laughs, action, more easter eggs, and fun. What’s not to like?


It’s a pretty funny show! You just shouldn’t watch it expecting Teen Titans ‘03.

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I used to be one of those people who hate it with a passion. After a bit I gave it another chance without (and this is an important part) comparing it to the previous Teen Titans cartoon, and I came to like it. The Oregon Trail episode is probably one of my favorites.


I love it. Raven’s laugh. The cooing baby sounds whenever Robin removes his gloves.

It nice to see a lot of people like or at least don’t dislike TTG I’m kinda getting tired of people just talking about how much they hate TTG I would usually see hate for it on CN youtube channel with there video that show clips of the show which is stupid because those people know they don’t like TTG yet they still click on the video,they probably don’t actually watch the video and just click so they can dislike and put a comment saying TTG sucks

I like it for what it is. It is entertaining & funny, but I’d prefer something closer to the comics.

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Also when will TTG haters realize that clicking on the video helps TTG stay on the air if you want it to be cancelled stop clicking on TTG videos by CN and stop making rant videos on TTG because there only helping the show not cancelling it and ever time you ever talk about TTG on the internet is helping the show

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I think it’s okay, I like the original animated show more but I’ve seen some episodes of Teen Titans Go that I think are pretty clever and funny.
I’m not the target audience but It’s a great show for young children and parents can watch it with them and still be entertained.

I like it. The people that hate on it think that it took Teen Titans or Young Justice’s place. That isn’t the case. It’s a funny show and the movie was an amazing DC movie.

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If I were perfectly honest, I thought the original Teen Titans series was a little too silly for my taste most of the time. I think at a younger age I would have reviled it for being too goofy, but with the sheer amount of material out nowadays, especially with a Young Justice series that’s closer to my taste, I just look at TTG, say “it’s not my thing,” and continue on my day.

I’ve watched it with some of my family and we think it’s pretty funny! Even for a cartoon it’s not bad lmao!

I hate teen titans go with a passion.

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