Do You Have a Method of Reading Comics on DCUI?

Hello, ever since i got into comics a few years I’ve usually had an order that I follow . Yes, i have favorites but i love exploring and reading as much as i can…seeing how comics evolved from one era to the next, being surprised by good runs etc… now with DC this is possible if you just want to be current but me, I like reading the old stuff. Well, you might say ‘just read one of your favorite characters’ not every batman or Superman…others are here. Big chunks are missing and also, it can be draining to just read about one character

I have come up with something that i think will work for me, I used the list feature here and added series to lists, 67 of them. Im going to read golden age Bats and Supes…but also, im randomly generating my third choice for the week

So I got Doctor Fate and I could finish all the series he mainly stars in (not counting team books) then I remove the list and do another

I know this is weird but I think it will be fun…for me anyway

How bout you? Just read what’s released? Your favorite characters? For clubs? How do you go about it?

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I read some of the new stuff, but mostly I am reading books from the 90’s and 2000’s. I read a lot of characters I know, but sometimes you are introduced to other characters and become interested in them, so then I try to find comics with those characters.


I’m kinda all over the place but that’s the great thing about DCUI soooooooo many choices. I have a good mixture of old and new and I pick alot of limited series.


This is pretty much how I read. I also mix it up with my physical books and digital collection on Comixology or Humble Bundle.


I have a comic rotation I read following various reading orders.

I read:

3 modern Marvel comics
3 modern DC starting with Rebirth.
1 Marvel Ultimate book
1 DC New 52 book
1 older Marvel starting from F4 in 1961
1 Marvel Star Wars

This way I read a variety of books following either cmro or other reading orders.


Welcome back to the community @leonid_aberdeen.74990! :partying_face: Sounds like you have a great system set-up there.

Please let the moderator team know if you need anything! :batparrot:


Nice to see another CMRO user. Great site. Wish the DC portion was more complete but whatever

I read at a good pace when im in the reading mood…like 25 issues a day isn’t difficult fir me but i go into ruts sometimes too

Great thing about comics is Don’t have to really read in an order, it can be satisfying but If i read a comic from the 40s, i know the next modern comic i read isn’t a reference point

As long as you’re having fun. Its part why i did this system for DC because Im not sure how much i will outright skip til later like I do with CMRO


I stream via silk browser on my kindle for the comics after the old app stopped working. But I use my computer for the forms. I tend to stick to Batman and Catwoman and elseworld tales as I like the darker stories like Injustice, the nail, and well Batman/Catwoman of DC black label (i am a huge batcat shipper).

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