Do you have a character or story you're not ready to see adapted?

We have such a wealth of DC content in films, animation, television and so on. And thanks to all these wonderful adaptations, a lot of our favorite characters are making the leap from the page onto a screen. While that’s exciting, are there any characters who mean so much to you that you’re cautious of any adaptations of either them or their stories?

For me it’s James Robinson’s Starman. Jack is one of my favorite characters in any medium and while there are times I wish we could see his story play out, I’m always wary of any announcements that we’ll see Starman as a movie or as a TV series. I think it would be best suited for an original show on this app, but when you think about the possible changes that would have to be made to adapt the story or things that might be cut due to length, I start to think “Maybe it’s better left alone”

Do you have any sacred cows you’d like to see adapted but then change your mind?


I change my mind back and forth between wanting to see a live-action Klarion the Witch Boy and thinking that it’s better if he’s left alone. I just really want it to be done well and not fall into the “ruined by adaptation” pit that characters are sometimes thrown into. I tend to think DC does a good job with characters so I trust them. It’s just a fear I have. But you know, different versions of characters will always exist and you’re never going to lose the one you love the most just because a new one comes along.

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@iJest Interesting choice! Klarion is one of those characters I’m honestly surprised they HAVEN’T adapted into live action yet. I know he was in The New Batman Adventures and in Young Justice, but I wonder how they’d play him in live action. I can see your hesitancy.

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Cassandra Cain. Yes, I know she’s going to be in “Bird of Prey With Harley Quinn For Some Reason”, and the past couple DC films have been actually entertaining. Even so, I have this sinking feeling they’ll err to the side of Tynion’s awful reinvention of her instead of her good origin. Only because, I’d wager the “Orphan” junk is what’s currently canon, which is utterly infuriating for a number of reasons.

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@Mr_Morbach, that’s right! She’s supposed to be in the movie. It’s strange how she’s been around for quite a while but it’s taken so long to get her into a show or movie. Correct me if I’m wrong but was she in the most recent season of Young Justice? How did you feel about her portrayal?

On a related note to Mr_Morbach’s answer, Birds of Prey just in general. They’re going to butcher my favorite series and serve it up to Harley Quinn on the big screen.

You never know, it could be good. There’s not much to go on right now.

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Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series.
No, I don’t care if they do it as a TV series. No, I don’t care if it ends up on HBO, Starz, or even here. I don’t even care if Miyazaki came out of retirement to do an anime about it, or even if they somehow got Timm and Dini to do an animated series. You cannot do that series justice via any medium or creative team other than comics.


@superby1, yeah orphan is in the new YJ. she cuts clay face in half. it was pretty cool. Eps.8

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@superby1 I vlogged the season thus far on my channel (Ep. 8 Triptych:, but to focus on YJ’s Cass, I can say my feelings are tenuously positive, but in fairness, there’s not a lot to go on. I think it’s cool they gave her swords, I like the original suit they gave her as opposed to copying her current one in the comics, but that’s about as much as we get. She’s called Orphan, which makes me cringe–however–if they explain her origins in the second half of season 2, and they’re more in line with her good history and not what Tynion set up, that’d be great. If they explain she got the name because she had no known family or something, and it was wasn’t the name used by a serial killer father that hated her guts, that’d be even better. It wouldn’t be my ideal way of integrating Cass into an animated series, but it’d be far and away better than what most people at DC/WB would be or have been capable of. The same could be said for Spoiler; we don’t get too much of her backstory. I’m not thrilled about her costume, because it’s taken more directly from her current one, which while aesthetically fine, I don’t like the mask. Too much like her Dad’s, and that reminds me that Batman Eternal saw her let Gotham burn for the sake of her Daddy Issues.

I trust Greg Weisman as a creative. The worst of his work I’ve seen would be Star Wars Rebels Season 1 and some peculiarities in the short-lived Gargoyles comic from Slave Labor Graphics, all of which are infinitely better than the worst DC has churned out in the last 8 years. Maybe that’s because those involved characters that I’m less attached to than, or have as high standards for, as Cassandra, or maybe Weisman knows what he’s doing better than certain people at DC.

Flash backs of Bruce Wayne child hood of the relationship he dad with his mom

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Mister Miracle. Also, there is an All-Star Superman animated movie that I’ll likely never watch.

I remember the All-Star Superman animated movie being quite good. To be fair I didn’t have the emotional connection to the comic as other people did (I came to it very late) but it did make me want to re-read the comic when I first saw the movie and they compliment each other very well.

I’m very on edge about it. (CW, DCU, HBO, whoever doesn’t matter)

It is one of, if not the most important 12 issue “maxi series” ever done. Because such a crisis event had never been done before. I’m hoping for good to fair, but, as it looms ever closer, so does my anxiety.

TT: The Judas Contract was well done but still fell short of that arc as a book.