Do you believe the Swamp Thing ending will suffer from the "creative decision" ?

Like they had “creative decision” for Titans


Maybe, I kind of disliked that Titans ended with a cliffhanger


I know that other people may not agree, but I liked the ending titans had. Maybe Swamp thing will be better

I hope not

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I’m very worried about both series. Titans ended in a way that left us wanting more, but not in a good way. They didn’t resolve a single plot line, never fought anyone as a team, and barely even explored their powers (BB is still only turning into a tiger, come on, at least let him be a gorilla or a bird too). I’m also really skeptical of all the casting announcements they had for season 2. They’re doubling the cast without given us any conclusions to the Titan’s first outing.

Now, Swamp Thing probably won’t suffer the same issues Titans did, seeing as it’s focusing on a singular hero instead of establishing a whole team. If the stuff they’re cutting is unnecessary to the story, I’ll be OK with it, but it they’re cutting the show due to budget, that’s not a good sign. This is going to be a show heavily relying on CGI effects, so a shallow budget could mean we’re getting something on par with the 80’s Swamp Thing movies.


Creative differences isn’t always a bad thing

Happens on major motion pictures all the time

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TV seasons often end on cliffhangers. (Look up “Who shot J.R.”)

BB finding he can go to other forms is an epiphany thing.

Same with change from Robin to Nightwing.

The biggest issues they face are Raven/Trigon final reveal and a consistent base of operations equipped with living quarters, training room(s) and larger tech.

That’s a Dick/Bruce/Alfred “mending fences” plot line. The first season was 3 episodes (H/D, BB & Donna) 3 Grayson and 4 Raven episodes. Provided we get season 2, I’m not worried plot line wise.

I think folks are so used to WB shows, where the season is very bookended. So Titans (and I’m guessing DP & ST) will be cliffhangers.

@DeSade-acolyte - I politely disagree with that. Just because other shows have ended on cliffhangers doesn’t make it a good thing. Even your own example, Dallas, at least had multiple plot-lines with a couple resolving. Comparing Dallas to Titans, you’d have to establish very early on that by the end of the season J.R. would be shot. Sure, J.R. was definitely the villain at the time, but there was no real indicator that he’d get his comeuppance in that way. From the start of Titans, we knew Trigon was the big bad, and we knew they’d have to fight him. Instead, they gave us a handful of super powered beings being led by a broody knockoff of Dick Grayson on a country wide rampage against mostly police officers.

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And a cliffhanger itself wouldn’t be too bad if they would stop announcing all the new characters being added to the show. So far, the second season has to involve Starfire and Donna rescuing Raven, BB, and Dick, Hawk and Dove recruiting Jason Todd to get him killed (please), the Titans actually stopping Trigon, then establishing Deathstroke as the next villain while introducing his children, a clone of the most powerful person on the planet, and an alien dog. In like 10 episodes.

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I found it disappointing that they ended with a cliffhanger. I thought that each season would conclude a storyline


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I think anytime when writers have to quickly adjust to a new demand, it can be very challenging so the cards can really be stacked against them. If the season ends on a not so great note then I would chalk it up to the “creative differences“ and probably like most people on the forums, voice my frustrations so hopefully the next season doesn’t suffer from that. On a positive note though, I have a lot of confidence in the writers. The trailer looks amazing and it’s a good indication that this show has so much potential. I think no matter what we as big DC fans are going to be satisfied.

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I hope it’s a huge cliffhanger ending that gets me thinking, speculating and ultimately hyped for season 2!

But if it doesn’t ever get a season 2 then it will suffer, I think :frowning:


Good point @Gibby. Give me the biggest cliffhanger ever if you’re giving me a season 2. I can already tell I’m gonna like this show so I’m already greedy for more :joy:

I strongly disagree. They can stretch the Trigon plot line for 3 10 episode seasons. Next season is about building & establishing the Titans, get better with their powers and teamwork on smaller level threats. Then finding out about Trigon as the season 2 cliff hanger. Season 3 is the ok, wtf do we do about Trigon.

By that time, Arrow is done for at least 2.5 years. Than maybe to Terra/Slade for seasons 4&5 (if 10 episodes each)

Drop seasons 1& 2 on (Amazon, Netflix and/or Hulu right before season 3 drops and get some $$ back to cover some production costs)

My observation as a life long (40+ years) comics fan.
One of the things with “hardcore fans” is we already know Raven == Trigon. However, people who aren’t familiar with Raven don’t know that.

How many potential viewers had even heard about Danny Street before DP showed Danny. Not a lot.

Considering how long DCU has been around, the investment DC is making in new content (YJ, Titans, DP, ST, & Stargirl is impressive. That many shows, sets locations to film all that. That is some serious coin.

I for one an OK with how they’ve handled stuff so far. Just dropping YJ, Titans, & DP in a year is a remarkable feat and not cheap, considering their revenue stream is a new subscription service. I don’t expect things to be perfect. This is a learning curve. Look at some of the first exclusive content that came from Amazon & Netflix. It was good but not great.

There is also the question every time you do a show is will the “hardcore fans” be happy. I believe, based on history that the answer is usually no, but they’re grateful something even half way decent got done. I think there are more folks happy that Titans even got made than think they shouldn’t have made it in the first place.

We can agree to disagree. I guess I look at the totality of unique new content overall and I’m ok if things aren’t all grand slams.

That might have worked had they literally not already met Trigon at the end of the first season, and announced Deathstroke, Rose, Jericho, Conner, and Krypto for season 2. All of your arguments have been null and void by the first season.

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And I strongly believe that the “hardcore fans” are the ones that should be focused on when it’s something that features and airs first on a service specifically for those fans. I have high expectations from DCU because of how much I love their content; I want all of it to be a grand slam and when it’s not, it gets very frustrating. If we don’t hold them to higher standards now, we’ll have no right to complain when something truly bad gets made.

Your argument for Danny doesn’t make much sense to me either. Teen Titans have had 2 highly successful cartoons already, one of which focused on the Trigon plot very heavily. Danny is a character being represented for the first time on any medium other than comic book. Chances are very high that anyone paying for this service is well aware of the Raven Trigon connection, even without the first season of Titans spelling it out to the viewer multiple times. Which it did.