Do we have any update on when the 4 comics from SDCC will be shipped?

Just realized these haven’t been shipped yet for reupping our subscriptions. Not seen anyone post pics recieving them, and hadn’t seen any updates. Any update is appreciated.


Haven’t got an exact time frame for these, pretty sure the powers that be are verifying all the details. Will let the team know that folks are looking for info though!


I don’t think I’ve heard about this. What 4 comics? Was this available only at SDCC? I would love to hear the details please, thank you.

@RandallusPrime, yep! This was a series of exclusive comics available for new annual subscribers at San Diego Comic Con. They were variant covers of key issues from Titans, Doom Patrol Swamp Thing, and Young Justice. You can read more about what we did here:

And RedHood has the right of it, details are still being compiled. We will be working to ship these out by mid-September at the latest.

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