Do the other planets in the solar system have life?

This might be a bit of an unusual or silly question to inquire about, but I figured at the worst it might provide some discussion.

I know in pre crisis it was a thing that the other worlds had life.
Under different writers for example Venus has been populated by fairies, fishmen, and evil worms.

And I had assumed that the general concensus on Mars was that it used to have life but has since then been left a dead husk.

But I was reading the previews for the upcoming issue of ‘Aquamen’ which showed a brief panel of a Mars with active volcanoes and some sort of pterodactyl flying about. Aquamen #3 Preview: Honesty is the Best Policy

This has led me to wonder with some curiosity, what is the current status on life on other planets within the solar system in the DC universe?
Is Mercury populated by super fast kaijus? Is Saturn the home of a space empire? Is Neptune totally populated by alien fish folk?

I both ask for revelations on the current canon of things and inquire what wild takes do others most enjoy on this subject?


Not an expert on canonicity of this currently but I know that the JSA story Shanghaied into Space featured native beings of all the planets (also Pluto which was seen as a planet). However this was retconned that as a side effect of COIE messing with space-time they were all sent to other dimensions because all these planets were actually desolate in the main reality.


There is something where the moon has life.


So, Golden and Silver Age stuff probably had any number of contradictory species dotted around different places, but for modern continuity, traditionally the populated planets are Venus (Mr. Mind’s species), Earth (duh), Mars (possibly extinct, though I’ve always been a little fuzzy about whether we were meant to assume there was an extant White Martian civilization there), and Saturn (Jemm, Son of Saturn’s species—a less powerful Martian offshoot).

For the immediate Prime Earth timeline, Mister Mind was retconned to not have the Venusian connection, but Jemm has apparently appeared (the wiki lists a Prime Earth version but no information about him) and I’m not sure how that would be possible unless Saturn were populated.

Additionally, I know extremely little about the Legion of Superheroes, but my understanding is that Titan, one of Saturn’s moons, is an edge case. It’s definitely populated in the 31st Century and is home to Saturn Girl’s people. At one point, the explanation was that they were descendants of a colony of metahuman experimentees abducted by the Dominators in the crossover “Invasion!” from '89 or '90. To my knowledge, that hasn’t been contradicted, but there are several intervening reboots. Assuming something at least vaguely similar is still canon, then the Titan colony would exist in the present day and be populated by first- and second-generation metahuman settlers.