Do Thanagarians Lay Eggs?

It is a humerous image. He maintains an ironclad, two handed grip on the mace at that point.

I must have glossed over a mention of Thanagarians having nests in the current JL book. Which issue? I’d be curious to re-read it.


@DCCC Discussion of rhubarb rubs doesn’t answer said query about cakes and shrubs my friend.

I mean, do you want a subscriber for your newsletter or not? I’ve got Tim The Enchanter on the other line and he made mention of a rather rude French dude that will give him a sweet, sweet deal on some cakes and shrubberies.

I’d prefer to subscribe to your newsletter though.


Of course, Platypus’s… platypi? Whatever, are mammals, and they lay eggs.


@Vroom, it was just a quick mention in #15. The exact quote is “Built on the site of an early temple to Ar Rheon, the vaults below were conceived as her great nest.” This would seem like there is some sort of religious connection to the nest, much in the same way that ancient civilizations would often connect the creation of the earth to a mother goddess giving birth, such as with the Greek deity Gaia.

Or it could be possible (and this is a pretty absurd theory, but hear me out on this one) it’s just a story about bird people with body armor and maces. Like I said, it’s crazy, but maybe…

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@Vroom I was being cutsey and thought that Nicholson line implied that I’d like a Rhubarb pie.


What an eggselent topic. What an interesting question you’ve poached- I mean, posed. I’m scrambling to think of an answer, but I’ll be deviled if I can.


@Vroom Have you been to Thanagar?

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That Batjamags. Always a sunny side up disposition.


So, what is the consensus? This is a question that I had never considered but now have a desperate need to know.

(I’m on board with the Platypus theory)


What came first the Thanagarian or the egg?


lmaoo I was opening the General thread to create a post and saw this titled…literally had to blink a couple times to make sure I read it right

What made you think of this?


Vincent Price’s ghost approves of this thread! :egg:


Much joy. Such fascination. Monitoring v closely.


@MxyzptlKit What about Vincent’s grandson, Jody?

“Give it some gas grandpa!”

“Quiet Jody!”

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hands a rhubarb pie to DCCC I know one hell of a baker, so this’ll be a tasty treat for ya :slight_smile:

@Misfit Yes, yes I have been to Thanagar. I was there when the whole Rann-Thanagar War dust-up/conflagration was in effect. Kyle Rayner was there too. I asked where I could get a pair of those sweet black boots he was wearing at the time. He said some guy named…what was it…Giff Jihns (I don’t know him, do you?) was the new head honcho of the Corps and that I could have his boots.

GL boots are totes comfy!

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Giff…? No… Geoff sounds familiar…

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John Geoffs was his name I think…

Oh! snaps fingers Snapper Carr style It was John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt!

Maybe it was 'Ol Roy. IDK, the Thanagarians were rumbling with the Rannians, everyone was kung fu fighting. You get it :slight_smile:


They say those cats were fast as lightning.

In fact, it was a little bit frightening.

But they fought with expert timing.