Do people want writing advice?

Okay, so I’ve been around the community long enough that people who know know that I really like writing. And I kinda sorta dish out random advice whenever applicable. Well, it was recently suggested by Lucy (sorry, don’t know your current tag) that I could create a topic to give writing advice. And she’s right, I totally could and am willing.

The big question is: Do you writers out there want something like that?

Most of what I’ll do is lecture-like posts about different aspects of writing. (The Story Tree, Layers of Story, How to write a good title, teaser, summery, etc.) But I could also answer questions on specific things and give advice to people on their projects who want it.

The second question is if It should be an Iceberg Lounge thing or out for everyone. I’m leaning toward the lounge as this is less directly related to DC, but then I’d be cutting people off.

Lemme know what you guys think!

  • Yes, I want this
  • Not for me personally, but sounds useful
  • Not interested

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  • Iceberg Lounge
  • Everything DC

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You could keep it in Everything DC by giving sentences and writing examples revolving around the world of DC. (Other topics could be a part of the discussion too, but the DC part would let the conversation fit into the Everything DC section where everyone could see it.) Giving writing tips while talking about DC characters and events might make it more interesting. Just a suggestion. :slight_smile:


I tried
But failed miserably

Here is my first link
Which show all my link.

Whatever you do
Dont do what I tried to do.


I never knew about that! I’ll keep your advice in mind!

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