do i need to play the injustice game to read the comics

hey i was curious if i need to play the game to enjoy the comics.

i no longer play video games. i did however play injustice when it was released years ago i am just curious if it relay on the game to get the full story same with the other injustice comices as well do i need to know what happened or do they cover it in the comics.

please no smart ass replys like “just read it and findout” “just watch a YouTube video” or my favorite “i don’t know”


The whole Injustice: Gods Among Us series is incredible, reminds me of the Batman Dark Knight Returns setting.


I have the same question.

But, from the issues I read, there is not much continuity (other than significant events) that carry from the video game to comic. Plus, the story in the video game was rather difficult for me to follow because of the time spent fighting.

I hope this helps.


@abfgmsw thanks any details helps. i personally loved the idea of injustice. didn’t like the game. outside of video games issues (gameplay ect ) the story (at least the basic idea ) was pretty cool i just remember being lost as hell in to what was going on. i was hoping the comics went in to heavier details and hopefully retold the events of the game. being i no longer play video games i hope it doesn’t relay on playing the game


Nope, you don’t need to do one to enjoy the other. I didn’t and I read Years One through Three while understanding them just fine without playing a second of the game.


The comics take place before the game


All five years of Injustice are leading up to the game. Injustice: Ground Zero is the games plot from the perspective of Harley Quinn. Both runs are incredibly well written and I couldn’t stop reading. Do yourself a favor and pick them up. I haven’t read Injustice 2 yet, but I expect it’s just as grand.

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You don’t need to play the game to enjoy the comics for Injustice you can go on YouTube and get the story for the cut scenes also the comics are before the main story in the game so all the context and references that see made in the game would just be more clear to you at that point

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