DMZ Series Coming to HBO Max

HBO Max continues to expand their DC Comics projects as they’ve announced a series based on the DC books DMZ:


I know nothing about those books but I’m going to read them here on DC Universe, or on DC Universe Infinite in January, to get caught up!


Its a good comic book series. Glad to know we’re getting it on HBO Max. Thanks for posting that link.

BTW, the first 5 collected volumes are available on Comixology Unlimited.


Is the series here to read?

Vertigo, so not as of yet. That’s why I mentioned its (partial) availability on CU.

Thanks. I hope we get this one, sounds really good.

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This is the kind of series I’m hoping they add to DC Universe Infinite. Why wouldn’t they? It’s a great selling point for the service since people are going to be interested in reading it once they hear about this show or watch it.

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Indeed! We need this ASAP.