DMZ Series Coming to HBO Max

HBO Max continues to expand their DC Comics projects as they’ve announced a series based on the DC books DMZ:


I know nothing about those books but I’m going to read them here on DC Universe, or on DC Universe Infinite in January, to get caught up!


Its a good comic book series. Glad to know we’re getting it on HBO Max. Thanks for posting that link.

BTW, the first 5 collected volumes are available on Comixology Unlimited.


Is the series here to read?

Vertigo, so not as of yet. That’s why I mentioned its (partial) availability on CU.

Thanks. I hope we get this one, sounds really good.

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This is the kind of series I’m hoping they add to DC Universe Infinite. Why wouldn’t they? It’s a great selling point for the service since people are going to be interested in reading it once they hear about this show or watch it.

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Indeed! We need this ASAP.


Looks good.


I’m rather surprised that they’re adapting this, not just because the writer has a…checkered past, to put mildly, but because outside of the most basic setting details, this looks nothing like the original Vertigo series.

This looks…okay. I’ll probably give it a shot but I’ll wait for word of mouth.


I never knew about the accusations against him, so thank you for pointing that out. Maybe that’s why the show is going in such a different direction. It could be their way of distancing themselves more from his work while still doing the sort of general adaptation they want