Discussion on Injustice Years one and two.

WARNING: THIS IS NOT INJUSTICE 2, IT IS YEAR 2. PLEASE DONT SPOIL INJUSTICE 2 FOR US! Anyways, I thougt it was very good, it had a great stories, great twists and I loved it. I thought Nightwings death was very disappointing, because he didn’t die doing anything good, he just died. His brother threw a staff, because he was mad, then the staff hit Nightwing and he fell on a rock. I feel year 2 handled deaths a lot better, with those final few issues. I was shocked when Superman and Hal put on the yellow rings, and I hate Sinestro even more for killing John, and tricking Hal into killing Guy. I thought the whole contact lense thing was kinda cool, so everyone could see him put on the ring. I thought baby Conner was cute, but the real twist was Harley’s baby, I hope we see her sometime. I also glad Green Arrow and Black Canary are back together. Overall a really great story.