Discussion for ep 6 of Titans

  1. This episode shows the end result of vengeance and an eye for an eye with what dick did coming back to haunt him.

  2. Clay and Dick reuniting was done really well with Clay thinking he was dealing with another douche wanting to get into the VIP then realising it’s his friend.

  3. But not least Jason Effing Todd. The actor portraying him did an absolute perfect job playing the cocky, arrogant, lose canon that the character is in the comics. When he says “there are only two types of cops dirty and useless” dick thinking bats told him that then Jason correcting him going “No I say that”. The kid would have probably wound up in prison eventually if it wasn’t for Bruce.


Also the shot of the batmobile kind of reminds me of a more suped up 89 batmobile

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Harvey Dent name dropped by Jason Todd. Two-Face exists!


Absolutely loved this episode! The actor really did a phenomenal job portraying Jason Todd. Since they cast a new Robin does this mean Dick will soon take on the Nightwing identity?

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Who was the acid killer? Dick called him “Nick”, so he can’t be Black Mask or Two-face. Which villain has a disfigured face and is named Nick?

Zucco’s son

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Loved the 60’s Batmobile!

When Kori asked how many robins where coming back and Dick said none it took everything I had to not starting jumping up and down with joy because that means NIGHTWING!!!


Gar’s “Can I be Robin?” reminded me of Ezra’s Flash. Similar tone.


Except much better and actually funny

Honestly this show gets better with each passing episode. I had really big thoughts on this for jason todd. Only bc i know a little bit about him only from what ive seen in the animated movies. I have just recently started to dive into comics so i have a lot to learn, however i must that the acting choice for jason is spot on and i hope we get to see a little bit more of jason todd’s robin as the show goes on.

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My intro to Jason Todd was in “Red Hood” animated movie which was awesome. I like the character but Why the HELL would Batman Train such a loose canon!! I’m sure there’s a comic book story that explains why Batts did it but… that kid is a “Menace to society”

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Jason Todd KILLED IT!! And no more Dick as Robin which means NIGHTWING!?!?


Read Batman issue 408 available on this app right now.

It is the introduction of his character. Also for people reading Red hood and the outlaws rebirth we see the old lady origin who “took care” of Jason. Seems Scott Lobdel did his homework when writing for the character.

I really hope we get a Red Hood spinoff a few seasons from now or so. :pray:

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I have been a HUGE fan of the Titans series so far, I think DC fans were way too quick to pass judgment based on the original trailer and leaked onset shots, but I thought this last episode (episode 6) was one of the weaker episodes of the seasons. It had way too much machismo, hyper masculinism and alpha male themes driving the characters, it made Dick less likeable. Felt like stereotypical tropes, still some interesting stuff in the episode though, especially stuff about Dick’s past, and Tony Zucco’s son played a great villain although here’s to hoping in the next episode we see more from Beast Boy and Starfire who I really feel are doing excellent work in the series.

Bhoward Nick was Nick Zucco, Tony’s son. He was referenced as Melting Man in this ep, but don’t think he ever had any reference in comics. They basically used the Maroni crime family using acid to create Two-Face as a way to tie in Nick as an original bad guy all tied to other characters.

Original ‘Melting Man’ in the comics is completely different, but was created by Geoff Johns who’s also working on this show so he can throw around character titles he’s created all he wants in my opinion.

Jason Todd was introduced first in Batman 357 in 1983. 408 is the reimagining of his origin Post-Crisis on Infinite Earths. His initial introduction he was Dick Grayson lite. He was a carbon copy. Max Allan Collins came up with the juvenile deliquent version of Jason Todd in 1987. Jason Todd had been around 4 years by the time of the retcon. Post-Crisis DC was rewriting many of their characters origins in this new single earth up to 1990.

Thanks for the info rdmyers. I kind of heard about the retcon but did not know if it was true.

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I’m waiting for an episode that would make me actually CRY.

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