Discussion: Calling ALL Red Hood FANS (and Anyone Else With an Opinion on the Matter)

As someone who has always liked Red Hood but never really dug deep into the character, I’m curious as to an actual Red Hood fans take on the use of him in Arkham Knight.
The reason why I’m interested is because before the game was released, the developers touted the Arkham Knight as a totally new and original character. Sadly that wasn’t the case in my opinion. As I’ve mentioned, I’m not the most knowledgeable on the character, but if I didn’t like the way they brought him in and used him, I can’t imagine a fan would’ve. I’d love to be wrong! So let me know in the comments and maybe help give me a little perspective or insight as to why or why not I should let this one slide.

Yay or Nay?
  • I loved the Arkham Knight
  • I liked him
  • Meh
  • Didn’t like it
  • It was atrocious

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I liked him a lot cool look and concept and lead to the awesome™:+1: comic version. But once they showed a lot of Todd stuff (never mentioned before in the Arkham series) it became obvious who he was.


I definitely like taking a different version of Jason and making him more villainous, as that was always a very real possibility after the incredible trauma he suffered. I’m not sure if I’ve talked about this before, but my main problem w/ him as the Knight is that at a certain point in the story well before it was actually revealed, it just became incredibly obvious that it was him. Between Joker mentioning Jason seemingly out of nowhere and Troy Baker also voicing him in the flashbacks, I couldn’t see any other possibility, and indeed the obvious answer ended up being the right one. I get that Rocksteady was in a bind seeing as how they hadn’t even mentioned Jason directly in the previous games, but clearly wanted to make this happen

Given the circumstances, I think it would’ve been a lot better from a narrative/mystery perspective to reveal Jason as the Knight early on right after Batman gets doused w/ fear gas. Because he’s also hallucinating Joker, he’d probably think that Jason is also a hallucination, but seeing his face regardless would still be enough reason for the flashbacks establishing what had happened to him in the Arkhamverse. Throughout the story, you’d have Bruce constantly thinking that it’s not Jason (hopefully) to the point where players would also think it wasn’t an actual reveal. But then when you get to what was the original reveal scene, that would be the part that confirms it really was Jason the whole time. I think I would’ve been legitimately surprised had something like that happened, as opposed to the original game, where any real shock value had been taken out by that point. So I guess while I do like the move from a general character perspective, I can’t say I feel the same about the way the mystery surrounding his identity played out


Well, the Batmobile controls were horrible – oh, are we talking about Jason’s characterization in this game? Oh yeah, I’ve got some Opinions.

First of all, I’m a long-time Jason Todd fan, and am not only a fan of Jason as the Red Hood but am a huge fan of his post-Crisis pre-death Robin run and will personally fistfight anyone who says he was a bad Robin. This can make my interactions with a lot of modern Jason stuff hit or miss, because the best stuff with Jason as Red Hood is fascinating when viewed through the light of his Robin run, but can also get into the whole “bad Robin” nonsense that makes me roll my eyes.

Second of all, above and beyond Arkham Knight’s biggest misstep storywise was trying to pretend that the Arkham Knight wasn’t Jason Todd. It’s like they felt the only reasonable way to hype up the game was for it to be a mystery, which is silly. It was extremely obvious. This is particularly amusing because the game DID have a legitimate and really well kept secret in the form of Mark Hamill reprising his role as an ongoing hallucinatory Joker companion.

That having been said, I was never into the game for the mystery – and in fact, being spoiled on the, uh, “twist” only took me from “Well, I’ll buy it for the Red Hood DLC, I guess” to “MY BABY! GIMME GIMME GIMME.” So, I was pretty good with it.

My opinions: I’ve got some criticisms, but I always do for the stuff I like. You should see me tear apart Under the Red Hood, my very favorite and most beloved Batman story. It’s only the stuff you go back to again and again that you end up really examining enough to find every flaw.

The story of Jason in Arkham Knight is different from the standard Red Hood story. It’s a different take for a different universe, and while it would need some substantial massaging to integrate into my preferred DC Continuity, I can appreciate it as an Elseworlds type thing and frankly as a better integration of Jason Todd into a BTAS type setting than The Adventures Continue, you heard me.

One of the things I liked best about it was how it really got into the parallels between Babs and Jason, something the comics have often dropped the ball on, and which has only ever really been done with Babs as Batgirl when Oracle is my favorite. Having an entire game revolving around using two of my very favorite comic characters ever as foils for each other was very, very much my jam.

I also really liked how they pulled off the gameplay mechanics as tied into his story. The whole “Red Hood is fighting Batman and knows ALL his secrets” thing has been done in comics and movies and comes across okay, but it hits so much harder when Jason is here on screen telling the mooks all the moves that you relied so heavily on in the previous games and adapting in real time. It was just a real pleasure to see.

(Also, Troy Baker just nailed that VA work, God.)

As for the backstory changes… as I said, I can mostly appreciate it as an Elseworlds thing. I dislike the origin change in the tie-in comics, but this is only about the game, which did mention the tire thing, thank you. Jason acts differently than he did as Red Hood because his trauma was a bit different… gone is the Pit Madness, and he was specifically brainwashed into hating Batman, etc. Probably my biggest criticism of the changes they made to him was having him get captured by the Joker because he ran off alone to try to kill the Joker, when I remind everyone again and again that in the comics Jason died because he went to save his mother and she betrayed him. But even with that aside, I initially thought that the game was implying that, oh ■■■■, he went to kill the Joker because of what the Joker did to Babs, and I was like “Oh, damn, that’s actually really good, this game revolves entirely around the symmetry between them, I can live with that.” But then they had that one story where it was like “Actually, the Joker killed a bunch of kids,” which, like… okay? Jason has been protective of kids in the comics, so it’s not not in character, but it feels kind of like “thanks, I hate it.”

Altogether, there’s some stuff that Arkham Knight Jason did that the Red Hood would not have done, but I feel like the brainwashing thing in this setting makes it work, and it feels mostly like a realistic adaptation of what my boy would have done if that was what had happened to him vs. Death in the Family.

Altogether, 8.5/10.


I basically agree with everything Stranger just said, but also want to say that boss fight against the excavator was bullshit.


Oh God, I died so many times. Just… so, so many times.

But the most times Jason killed me in that game was actually against that one turret/drone combo in the final boss fight against him. Congratulations, Jason, your ■■■■■■■ robots were more effective than the entire force of mercenaries you trained yourself.


“How many times do I have to tell you idiots to MINE THE ■■■■■■■ VANTAGE POINTS”


AK was very good about finding all the tactics I used and countering them to make me work against these mooks, but fortunately for me, the designers somehow missed my age-old tactic of “grapple to a really high point, use the swoop takedown on one mook, grapple back and repeat until they’re all gone.”

I like to imagine Jason frustratedly screaming into his microphone the entire time.


I really love how late in the game you can get a voice changer that makes them think you’re Jason, giving them orders, and even if you try it in the postgame they’re like “Hey, the boss is back! I knew he wouldn’t leave us!”


Oh God, I’d almost forgotten about that! And now I’m still laughing about it. I was expecting it to switch over to Deathstroke, but NOPE.


I do remember him telling his goons to check above, but I don’t think they do anything crazy like mining or shooting down the gargoyles unless you get caught up there.


Yeah, because my primary mode of dealing with mooks in the previous games was, uh, definitely not just grappling onto a vantage point and patiently waiting until some fool walked under me, Inverted Takedowning them, and switching between two vantage points back and forth until they were all gone.


I for sure got down there and did real stealth and slugged it out and all that.


Which reminds me, that was #2 thing that really annoyed me about Knight. You have Slade Wilson, Deathstroke, one of the few fighters in the DCU who can make Batman an underdog, and you relegate him to a tank fight?

(By the way, Number One most annoying thing was Barbara/Tim. Just…WHY?!)


Hey, it’s still stealth if you don’t get caught.


AGREEEED. Like, just why did they do Babs/Tim?

I will say that at least the Arkham Origins boss fight against Deathstroke was incredible (unlike Shiva, where we got ROBBED! ROBBED, I TELL YOU!) but in a way it was kind of worse to have such a terrible Deathstroke boss fight in AK after such a good one in AO.


Wow, a lot of very cool and good opinions in this thread.

Here’s another one from me: story-wise, Arkham Knight is the best game in the series.


Agreed, though with the dual admissions that:

A. I’m biased because I love Jason and Oracle
B. There was not steep competition, if we’re being honest.

Don’t get me wrong, I love every game in the Arkham series, including Origins but not Blackgate, but the entire premise of Arkham City is so bananas that it makes its obvious inspiration, No Man’s Land*, seem reasonable, and the overarching plot in Arkham Asylum was just kind of there and culminated with an inexplicable fight against Venomized Joker.

* Which I also loved, by the way, Cassandra Cain for life, but even by 2020 standards, “Yeah, let’s just abandon Gotham and blow the bridges” is a hard premise to swallow.


I agree with a lot of the points made here. Arkham Knight definitely had some flaws, which is understandable. I do like that this version of Jason didn’t die and come back to life, because I hate the “he had to die in order to be Red Hood” debate. I swear everytime I hear that, I hear AK laughing in the distance surrounded with smoke. Mostly because I think the “Red Hood” is more about getting revenge on the Joker just for the torturing with a crowbar part, even if he wasn’t killed off.

As a fan of Jason, I just feel greatful for the fact that he was put into the game. I know that Jason’s popularity has grown over the years, but back in 2015, only comic book readers and those that watched Under the Red Hood knew who Jason was.

Troy Baker is an amazing voice actor. Period.

I do like that this version of him is darker, but there are still aspects of him that are still close to his canon character. Yes he’s angry, yes he wants revenge, but he still cares for the Batfam members, and while I know that the “I’m gonna kill you, but not yet” is annoying, I think there is a reason behind it. I’ve always thought that Jason was torn between wanting revenge while also wanting to “come home”, or something along those lines that makes him change his mind.

Now considering that everyone on this thread knows that Jason is AK, I’m not gonna worry about showing my absolute favorite part of the game:

:grin: (Even though there is a lot of emotion in that cutscene, I just can’t help but smile during the face reveal… I CAN’T HELP IT, IT JUST HAPPENS!)


This was definitely a surprise I didn’t see coming. Completely shock. Really enjoy him popping out of know where to take.

Also I agree with the Deathstroke fight. So excited to fight again just for a tank battle

It was such a fun fight in Orgins (personally one of my high favorites of the series) to just a Batmobile goon with a lot of health.


Honestly Arkham Knight was my favorite fame in the series and I liked that it was Jason. Now I played this game years after it came out and had watched my boyfriend play bits and pieces of it but literally the only thing I remembered going in was that Jason was the Knight.

I remember the marketing saying it was going to be a new villain and I can understand the frustration when it was not. Very underwhelming for those who are expecting someone new.

For me I think knowing that it was Jason just added to the experience because with every interaction I could pick up on the little things that I would not have noticed until a second play through.

Even though the backstory was changed I think it still worked well. Even though there was no pit madness like someone mentioned earlier, you could still see as the game progressed he gets more upset and over the top. Not just because his plans are being ruined but I think because after what he went through it still messed with his mind.

Just my overall thoughts. I really liked it and it was nice to see Jason involved since at the time he was not included in very many stories.