Discussing the Ending of Justice League Dark: Apokolips War [SPOILERS]

as I have been wanting to discuss this since the film went on sale as I bought a copy, now I am trying to avoid any major spoilers in the title this is going to be a three-part speculative discussion. So here are the three points I would like to discuss: how do you Darkseid turn batman, how far back do you feel barry needs to go to prevent the events of this film from happening, and what does he need to do to prevent it. (note: I am very long-winded when it comes to this kinda thing)

first, I would like to give off a bit of background in case you have not read up on them the paradooms are just as powerful as the Doomsday clone Darkseid sends to earth meaning just one is more then a match for the justice league and Darkseid has hundreds if not thousands of them by the start of this film. so by 2020 unless you have a massive hard of kryptonite like Lex Luther, Darkseid is unstoppable in conventional warfare as the paradooms can mow down all opposition and are completely loyal to Darkseid. I am stating this cause I got into a discussion about the second and third discussion points on DCFANdom/wiki and I do not think the guy I was arguing with realized this fact. link: Paradooms | DC Animated Movie Universe Wiki | Fandom

how do I think batman was turned: I think batman would rather die than allow himself to be reconditioned again. given that batman can out-think just about anyone in the universe you would want batman on your team. however, batman’s track record with contraceptives is nowhere near as good as his adopted son Dick Grayson, as there is the theory that Catwoman Helena kyle is not · Sam Bradley, Jr daughter but is actually bruces daughter, the theory put forth by the book Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Knight, then there are the various incarnations of Damian Wayne so batman is likely 2 for 2 with the only women he has been known for sure to have been interment with. well, Dick Grayson on the other hand is 0-wtfrk. given in hush bat and cat were going at it like bunnies I feel cat had a kitten on the way. Darkseid had several members of the league on his side by this time and would have likely been able to find out the relationship or already knew about it. given he wants batman on his side he likely would have planned to kill cat and Alfred to break the bat, however finding cat with a bun in the oven or a kitten, I would say he would have all the leverage he needed to get that bat to willingly submit to the reconditioning as the scout drone could have picked cat and kitten up.
batman craves a family more then anything else in the new earth continuity batman almost dies protecting Talia and his unborn child Talia faked a miscarriage and ‘divorced’ him to free him of that protectiveness. so yes batman sells his soul to the devil in a heartbeat to save the ones he loves. the deal his eternal loyalty to save the only women he loved and his children so cat, kitten, baby bat, and bird boy live. Given Damian went underground and dick likely having been killed well batman was being reconditioned as let’s face it even if he is willing it would still take time to fully reprogram batman. It also explains why Darkseid would keep the Paradooms close to home instead of just using them to conquer all before him. he realized they were a too blunt instrument that was hard to control when compared to his regular parademons. thus he uses the parademons to police earth instead of of the paradooms. and this theory is proven as the paradooms can not distinguish friend from foe during the final act of the film.

so Darkseid makes a deal he sends cat and kitten to a different eath in the multiverse and would wait for 100 to 1000 years to invade that multiverse and he would spare the baby bats. the reason bat was able to break from his willing reconditioning would be do to him subconsciously asking himself if he is worse then the man who murdered his parents as Joe Chill did not kill the one witness to his crime, thus he freed himself as Darkseid seemed shocked when bats threw the kryptonite katana at him. however, I would say he was willing to die for his betrayal of his dark master as batman has been able to avoid Darkseid’s omega beams in other continuity well in this film batman did not even try to avoid the omega beams he just stood there ready to take the hit. then Damian willingly gave his life for his father. also, the cat was not shown to be with the bat family nor a part of the second invasion of Apokolips. let’s face it even though she left him if cat new bat was turned she would move heaven and earth to bring bat back to her. I will admit so I am giving her absence a happy ending as Darkseid is ruthless enough to just kill cat and kitten in front of bat to break him, but he is also smart and clever enough to not rely solely on brute force to get his way. I also spent quite a bit of time thinking and likely overthinking cats’ absence in the film.

my answer to the second and third questions are fortunately much, much shorter: Barry simply has to go back to the time justice league war, and prevent supermans capture or remove all data of superman DNA, all and all physical samples of superman DNA that may have been collected… however, the time quake would cause some changes to the timeline the biggest being no death of superman…or better yet a better adaptation of the death of superman with a not Kryptonian doomsday.

as to cyborg as a sleeper agent, we viewed from the forth wall know cyborg was a spy but it is unknown if the rest of the group ever new that he cyborg was the ultimate spy.


I think Darkseid just broke batman with torture and technology, he is Darkseid. As for the second and third one, I think he needs to go all the way back to the Flashpoint movie and stop himself from ever trying to save his mom


going back to flashpoint time would be a bit hard to do it being years later they would have missed the window of time one has before time is set in stone especally since flash did stop himself from going back in time…unless Dr. Manhattan kept the reality intact. also its kinda hard to physically torture a guy who is literally in some form of pain all the time as batman go’s on patrol injured or not, mentally tortureing batman is also hard. emotional torture is the best way to break the bat, you need to go for his heart… I feel a bit dirty writing that.

I think you’re seriously underestimating Darkseids power, Batmans my favorite character, but if he was captured on apokolips by Darkseid for 5 years, there’s not much Batman would be able to do to resist Darkseids will. Also where do they state a limit for how far back in time the flash can go?


bats my fav too.
however, you got your timeline wrong I just double-checked and it was not five years it was just two. I know just how powerful Darkseid is, and yes he could just brute force batman into a drone, however, Darkseid also wanted batman’s mind intact, and that is hard to brute force even for someone like professor X especially when you have the level of will…and shear unmatched tolerance for pain batman has. it takes having his back broken, or severe heart issues to have bats not go out on patrol for more then a couple of days. Batman versus robin is a good example of the level of pain batman in this continuity can handle.

Aw my bad, but yeah still 2 years of torture and reconditioning by Darkseid seems like it would be infinitely worse then going out on patrol injured. I like your theory, I just think, 1. If that were the case they would have mentioned it.
2. Darkseid is strong enough that he doesn’t need Batmans concent to control his mind.

Thanks however, as i see it, darkseid controlling batman would make him a mindless drone, you do not want batman as a mindless drone you want him as a subordanat general in your army. if you wanted him a mindless drone better to throw him in the parademon conversion chamber. theirs no daght that darksied had something to keep him under his power, but the mobius chair does grant self sustenance and longevity so darksied planed to have bats serve under him for a long long time.

please don’t make this the LAST movie!!! I must have watched it four times already!! I need another one with Flash making another Flash Point paradox!!



Batman would be easier to crack than Superman or Supergirl and he’s broken both of them before.


It’s not, theyre starting a new slightly altered universe, starting Suprrman man of tomorrow. However if you mean last movie in this continuity with this style, well, I got bad news for you…


I suppose I should add that Batman would be one of the easiest characters to break. The “if what you want is a world where no kid’s parents are going to get murdered again. I can make sure that never happens again, if you join me.” strategy.

I think Batman would fall into line pretty quick, because he values the mission over everything and.Darkseid can easily fulfill that mission very well.

I hope so. I actually really like this new animation style in Man of Tomorrow. Not saying it’s better than the others, but it’s a cool change up.

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They’ve been really hesitant in saying whether Man of Tomorrow will be a new universe. Honestly, I get the feeling that since there were so many detractors about the series of animated movies (and the art style specifically) that they might focus on more single adventures for a while.

man of tommorow lookes more like a Superman year one.

I need to first state i am a huge Fanboy of batman and i dislike superman a great deal, so that colors my opinon of them. however, superman is actually fairly easy to mind control batman is not so easy to mind control.


But we’re not talking mind control in Batman’s case. I don’t think he was mind controlled. He didn’t need to be. He just accepted that Darkseid could do his mission far better than he could. And it’s all about the mission.

except for the fact that Darkseid’s plan is to kill the earth via stealing its magma, Bruce’s mission is protecting Gotham, Darkseid kills earth, Gotham dies, mission failure. also bats dose not kill…till a lot of bad stuff happens to him in quick succession. I recommend reading some of the dark knights metal storylines.

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I’ve heard people kind of dismissing this movie and calling it trashy ever since it came out, but I finally got around to watching it today and I honestly thought it was pretty damn good for a doomed timeline type deal. Batman turning evil as one of Darkseid’s thralls is innovative and compelling compared to the tremendously overdone evil Superman nonsense we seem to hear about all the time, Lex switching sides as best benefits him was very on-brand, John Constantine was as much of a hot mess as usual - if a little OP from what I’m used to. Trigon possessing Superman and then Superman coming back to full power was a delight, Superman’s whole characterization was pretty solid overall, and Cyborg getting the Christ imagery instead of Superman is also a nice change of pace, I hope we see some more of that in the future.

As for the very ending, well, I was glad to see that even in the face of a broken world and another impending billion deaths, Superman still had just one concern and priority - to try to save as many people as possible, to never give up. Classic.

As for the Flash thing, it did feel a little forced, but I wasn’t too bothered. I will say though, I also watched Superman: Man of Tomorrow today, and partway through the movie (if you’ve seen it, you know when,) I said “That’s it Barry, try again, one more reboot!” Luckily I’d changed my mind by the end, haha!


I am sad to see this run of movies end but hopefully we will get more Constantine movies. I love Matt Ryan as John Constantine. Hope DC brings back the live action show too. Justice League Dark is my favorite in any media.

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I kinda would like a movie were its John who finds raven when she got to earth as it would be interesting.