Discuss-- Why is Batman & Robin the greatest Batman movie of all time?

This is a completely honest post, and I genuinely believe that Batman & Robin is the best (live action) Batman movie I’ve seen… I think it gets a really bad rap, but I’d rather watch it over The Dark Knight any day.

I wanna see if there are any other people that really enjoy and defend this movie, and to people who don’t like this movie, I wanna know legitimate reasons why it’s not a good movie. (Bat nipples and Bat Credit Card aren’t real reasons-- I think people forget that superhero movies are allowed to be fun and camp.) I think it’s the only movie that really gets at the heart and soul of Batman: family, and more specifically found family, and I think a lot of Batman live action films could learn a lot from Batman & Robin


Honestly, my biggest problem with the Schumacher movies is Robin. His kung fu laundry scene in Forever is the worst thing that’s ever happened, and not just because he ran clean laundry between his toes and then hung it up. The puns don’t bother me, and I love the color palette and vibrant, neon aesthetic. I even like the dumb Batmobile with the open canopy and inability to see the road ahead.

If we never got the Tim Burton movies and the only Batman people knew was the 60s Batman TV show, Batman and Robin would be considered a perfectly fine Batman movie.


One thing it has going for it is that it’s the only live action version of Bane that somewhat used the luchador look.

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My 2 fav villaibs are bane and scarecrow, and I like the big bulky bane in that movie. Only bad thing is, since everyone else hated it, they canceled the fifth movie in that series, which was supposed to be called “Batman Triumphant” and have scarecrow as the villain

Batman Triumphant was going to be Schumacher’s big screen apology for Batman & Robin. That’s still a great title for a Batman anything.

I legitimately loved Batman & Robin when it came out. Maybe it was the excitement of seeing it opening night in a huge, nearly sold out theater with that sweet SDDS (Sony Dynamic Digital Sound) trailer playing before the movie began, but I truly did love it. I thought Clooney was the best Batman, Schwarzenegger the best villain of the series, etc.

I remember ToyFare magazine ragging hard on the movie and I thought “Geez, what’s up their ass? I thought it was fun.” Then 1999 rolled around, and I came to understand ToyFare’s POV.

It’s still a big, fun, over the top adventure that I enjoy. Just with a realization of all of its many faults :slight_smile:

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