Discuss! Today on DC Daily: Floronic Man, Constantine, & Tara Strong – 11.13.18

Today on DC Daily, our hosts take a look at Swamp Thing’s latest casting of Floronic Man, the Constantine 30th anniversary anthology release, and a special chat with Tara Strong.

Watch the episode in the Movies & TV section, or follow the link below:


Did you pick up the Constantine 30th anniversary anthology? Do you have any more questions for Tara Strong? Let us know in the comments below!

What we want is a season 2 of Constantine. Y’all folks at DC should stop wasting his potential on Lot.


Tara Strong you’re my number 1. Do u ever use your voices outside of the studio to mess with people or just by force of habit? Also, Is DC just as big in Canada as it is in its birthplace, the US?

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I love Tara Strong. No questions, just sheer admiration.

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