Discount Comic Book Service

Hey Guys! I have been using DCBS for about a year now and love it. The only down side is I have to wait till the end of the month for my comics to come. Which makes internet spoilers a thing I’m constantly avoiding. The plus side is all the comics are brand new and they are 40% off! Anyone else use this service?


Sounds like a covert ad… :thinking:

I’ve used it before. It was around 2010 right after the New Krypton saga had wrapped up and they were going into Grounded and Reign of Doomsday. I loved the discount. Waiting a month for your comics to come was no different than having a subscription to a comic back in the day…only DCBS took better care of your comics than the post office. If memory serves, I had it right up until the third month of the New 52, then I had to drop it for financial reasons.

It’s really gonna depend on what you’re looking for. They do monthly books but also trades and omnibus editions. If you do monthly comics, the cheapest shipping option is gonna be once a month…but you have to wait the month. If you don’t mind that, then I recommend it.

I’ve never used DCBS, but I was very tempted to back when I bought print trades, due to the great deals they advertised. Amazon ultimately got my business on that end (with the Day One must haves coming from my comic store at the time).

It sounds good. Maybe I’ll give it a try eventually.

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Back when I had more room to keep physical comics, I used them.

They’re affordable, but they also suffer the same problems that arises from any physical comic source: staking claim on comics three months before they’re published.

However… they’re also a really good place to go to for non-comics stuff that appears in Previews, like card games and board games. Because of the discounts.

I’ve been with them since January 2018. Better than the great discounts on comics and trades is the fantastic service. The books are expertly packed and arrive at your doorstep once a month. When titles are delayed or canceled credit is appropriately applied and text messages are sent to advise. I also get messages about upcoming sales and promotions. And when I have a question or a problem I get to communicate with a real person (Carrie) who always responds in a timely fashion. Good people providing a good service.

Thanks, I might look into that. My workplace recently outlawed all electronics so I can no longer read comics on DCU at work. Le sigh.

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I’ve used them for about 3 years. I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with them. The savings at 40-50% off are great. As someone mentioned above, Carrie is awesome on the customer service side.

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