Discord knock 3 times if you hear me

I have been avoiding social media and comic book news sites until Friday afternoon April 26th (except this safe simpler times haven).

I’m hoping everyone on DCU Book Club Discord is doing well …I haven’t seen too much of many of you here most of the week. See you all tomorrow afternoon!


You have been missed! You bring such a light to the discord chat. I look forward to your return.

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I have been around, here and there, and setting up my own Discord Server, with a different set of topics. I will leave the DC Comics to the Book Club, and focus instead on Science Fiction in general, and other topics.


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Don-El, are you more like Tony Orlando, or Dawn?

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Folks, check out macjr’s Discord channel. It’s fun and sci-fi flavored.

Hi DE! Legion wave

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Thanks everyone and yeah I’ll definitely check out Macjr’s new room; I definitely enjoyed the main website with the artwork Etc.

8 hours to go and then I’ll dare to see how things are going on these other channels!

MisfitH, actually I didn’t get your joke until I left the thread and saw the name of it… I have no idea why that song sticks in my head from my teen years.

I don’t want to sound rude, but can I join the discord chat?

Of course it’s open to all just go to either the one of the book club top areas or for the new Legion of Superheroes Club does a Discord link there as well, both in the comics room.

@Meekeey, if you were asking about my new Discord Server (Server means something like forum, and channel means something like thread), I can post a link in my Random area thread, “A few samples of my digital art.”

Anyone friendly is welcome to join. My Discord page is still a work in progress, but there is enough there for people to get started with.

I also hang out at the Discord Book Club Server as well. They are focused mainly on DC Comics, while I focus more on science fiction in general, books and movies, and other topic.


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It was an interesting experience deliberately avoiding any comic book news sites and Discord for 3.5 days.

Oh my darlin,

Knock 3 times…

On the ceiling if you want me.

Once on the pipe…

If the answer is no

Oh my sweethwart

pop pop pop

Means you’ll meet me in the hallway

Twice on the pipe…

Means you aint goann show


My wife and I were discussing on the way to go see the movie today why would that song stick in both our heads cuz she was singing along to me to . we’re in our sixties right and she remembered they actually had the sound of a pipe in that song knocking twice.

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hands the gibbster a can of refried beans