Well that sucked. How did we get painting the baby’s room and bats killing everyone. By far the worst episode of anything I’ve ever watched besides the last transformers movie.


We got them by Trigon’s mind games

I doubt you watch much things if you consider this the worst ever. I get why some didn’t like but worst ever watched? Pfft nah


Ok, let’s not get all judgy “doubt you watch much…” Expressing an opinion shouldn’t automatically be dismissed because you don’t agree. I happen to agree with joejoebinks sentiment. That episode was erratic and the journey from Paradise to hell was really rapid and rushed. But it was a world being controlled by Trigon, and clearly, he’s not onee for pacing. He just wants to get right to the point. (Don’t hire Trigon for the writer’s room)

Comparing it to the last Transformers movie? Well…I didn’t see it. On purpose. But you are comparing apples and oranges.

If the comparison was in relation to the other Titans episodes, then perhaps that’s a better framing.

Again, don’t dismiss. Discuss. Debate. Share. Respect.


Nah I’ll judge. Disliking is fine but this was over exgerggating


@TX85, Instead of just judging someone else’s opinion as below yours, why don’t you provide some counter points on why you felt it was a good episode?


Sheesh! Can we disagree without being judgemental? I thought it a strong episode and was a fitting finale for an uneven first season. I dug the references to Superman.

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Either you like a show like this OR you need simple A to B to C stories like The Power Rangers or My Little Pony. Your education has failed you and you need to read more.

Nah, Mike. I don’t care if he thought it was a bad or good episode. My issue is him exaggerating like that.

He’s judging the show and I’m judging his drama queen crap. " why don’t we ."…no you do you and I do me!

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Are you talking about Bumblebee?!?..

That movie was so good!!!

I thought the finale was good, but in the beginning I was so confused about dawn, and the small child calling Dick daddy, and the fact that Dick was in a pool in California, and pretty much everything else, until the end.

I think a lot of people were disappointed by the lack of a resolution at the end of the episode. They clearly did that to make us come back for season 2. I was a bit confused by the episode as first but I over all liked it, especially when Batman was finally no longer holding back.