disappearing movies

Hey I just noticed something , some old movies that were introduced to this app has disappeared, like the justice league frontier movie, what the hell?

I was in the middle of watching Young Justice series and the first two seasons disappeared .now I can only watch season three. comics I was reading have been pulled as well. I contacted them five days ago.still waiting for response…what gives

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I’d blame Thanos for making DC movies disappear, he was so jealous that DC has a streaming service and not Marvel, so with a snap of his fingers movies started disappearing! :slightly_frowning_face: Somehow and someway our favorite DC heroes will find a way to bring them back!


@szcorpioilluzion.61968, I am sorry you have not received a reply - do you have a ticket number we can look at?

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To follow up on Harleys generous offer to look into the support ticket (they’ll have to find a way to the Watchtower…) I’m sorry to say we announced a little over 2 weeks ago that Justice League: The New Frontier would be leaving the service on January 1st. Looks like the overlords allowed it to stay up a bit longer. I am sorry for the frustration :frowning:


Not sure why you can’t see All 3 seasons of Young Justice. I can see all 3 just fine.

@Harleys Puddin
I submitted a help request the DC HELP CENTER through a link another mod suggested and I didn’t receive a ticket number or am too stoopid to figure out how to find it if I had one…thanks for your help though…