Directory of Writers/Artists?

I just finished reading the very excellent “Definitive History” of Batman.

Throughout, the book mentions different authors’ runs as being particularly interesting.

So that begs the question - is there a directory, wiki, reddit, anything, that lists writers, artists, etc., and the individual books they worked on? So for instance, if I wanted to look up all of Len Wein’s work, etc.?


DC Database is a great source, and it has kind of what you’re looking for. There are category pages of issues by writer/artist/whatever. So this one has every issue written by Len Wein for DC.

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That’s great. I’m not particularly interested in Len, I just knew he wrote across a numer of titles.

This is exactly what I was looking for.

Of course, it’s alphabetized by FIRST name, but…

Thank you!


Mike’s Amazing World of Comics. It’s the of comic books. I looked up Len Wein (my favorite comic book author of all-time) and discovered Adventures of Jerry Lewis #109 was his first credited work in the medium. And for 50 plus years I thought it was Teen Titans #18. You learn something new every day. This site is “amazing”. Check it out.

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