Direction for a total DC newbie? What should I read and/or watch?

Hey all! I made a similar post to this but I wanted to make this one a bit cleaner since I’m learning how to work this app.

I almost literally know nothing about the whole DC Universe…but I want to learn and am excited. I know Batman and Superman are but that’s about the extent of it.

I’ve looked through the site and see a lot of things but dont have a clue where to start. Meaning, where does everything fall in what order? So, my question is for you all to direct me to what I should watch and read first and what to follow with? What’s important and equally awesome to check out? And why? If you tell me to check something out or give me a list, please tell me what the point is.

Finally, for my own future understanding, is there any way to tell if theres a timeline on what to read or watch? I dont want to confuse myself by checking things out that are all out or order. How can I avoid this?

I hope my rambling has made some sense.

Thanks very much!


I would say to start watching Young Justice. It’s a spectacular show that gives you a new lol at characters most people know and many most people don’t as well. Also it’s on the heels of a fresh new revival and season 3 should be coming out early next year. I expect you’ll enjoy it. After you’ve watched that, check out Batman The animated series (widely acclaimed to be the best of the best) then Superman the animated series and then Justice league. (in that order)

If you are able to actually, watch Batman and Superman around the same time. (they intersect eventually) then Justice League. Before you watch Justice league unlimited checkout Static Shock and Batman Beyond which sporadically connect to it.

The other recommendations are spot on for what to watch. For reading, I’d start with whatever characters interest you the most. If it’s Batman, I’d read some of the original issues from the 50’s just to get an idea of source material, Batman Year One, read the Neal Adams stuff, especially issues 232, 243 and 244, BATMAN and The Outsiders, Death In The Family, Under The Hood. Read these in that order if you chose to read them. “Out of continuity” reading must include Batman The Dark Knight Returns. New Teen Titans, and then Nightwing Year One. Doom Patrol starting with 1987 Grant Morrison run, New Gods, Booster Gold, 1998 Birds Of Prey. Saga Of Swamp Thing. That’s a start​:joy: Many of these are under the trending comics banner. You can read Batman TDKR anywhere you want, but the rest of the Batman stuff I’m pretty sure I listed in the correct chronological order. The Teen Titans and Nightwing as well. These are some of my recommendations. I’m a bit biased as Batman is my favorite character in ALL of fiction, but my current pull list is ALL but 6 current DC titles that take place in continuity, so I’d like to think I have a handle on every corner. I’d say read Crisis On Infinite Earths but there’s only 3 issues so you won’t get the whole story. But the Doom Patrol, New Gods, Booster Gold, Saga Of Swamp Thing, and Doom Patrol will intro you to some of the more obscure and underrated characters in DC. That’s the GREAT thing about DC. Other publishers have great characters, but DC’s more obscure and underrated are BY FAR more interesting than other publishers. They have a DEEPER roster of interesting characters IMO. Hope this long winded recommendation helps​:joy::four_leaf_clover:

Also watch Justice League and Justice League Unlimited

Batman the Brave and the bold is a little childish but it introduces a lot a DC heroes

If you don’t want to commit to a series I would say start with some of the stand alone animated movies. What makes these nice is that they serve multiple purposes. They are compelling on their own, are often adaptations/streamlines of famous some famous comic runs and have very different tones. It can really give you a nice primer on all DC has to offer.

I would start with Batman Year One, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern: First Flight and Justice League: New Frontier. While not in continuity with each other they serve as origins.

Next you can expand a bit with stuff like Under the Red Hood, Justice League: Doom, Justice Lague: Crisis on Two Earths and Superman/Shazam: Return of Black Adam. These will all expand out the DC universe from the first set in interesting ways and adapt some classic stories.

Finally I would watch Flashpoint Paradox. By watching the other stuff first you will appreciate the alternate timeline stuff better and it leads directly into Justice League:War which established a continuity within the animated movies going forward from this point.

After watching these you should have a better idea what chracters or types of chrachters you are most interesed in.

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I’d start with watching Under The Red Hood, Son of Batman, Batman vs Robin and Batman: Bad Blood. From there watch Justice League: War, Wonder Woman (the animated movie) and Justice League Unlimited. Batman TAS, Young Justice and Teen Titans are a must watch, imo. Especially with the Titans series coming out soon.

As for comics, if you’re only reading stuff on DC Universe, I donno… Most of the full story arcs seem to be Batman related right now. So just start with some recommended storylines on the DCU homepage.

From there, just go where your interests take you. =)

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Whenever a new writer comes on, or they do a #1 issue - that is a good place to start a title. And here are some of the best runs for the main characters / teams by writer:

Superman - All Star Superman by Grant Morrison (even though it is out of continuity);
Batman - Batman: Year One by Frank Miller;
Wonder Woman - George Perez run;
Flash - Mark Waid run;
Green Lantern - Geoff Johns run;
Justice League - Grant Morrison run;
Teen Titans - Marv Wolfman run;

As for which character / team to start with? I would watch some of the animated offerings to see who you latch onto - particularly the 1990s - Batman, Superman, and Justice League cartoons.

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After you get your feet wet in the DC world, I would highly recommend the best DC story ever told - Kingdom Come. It is amazing, but wait awhile until your are more familiar so the million cameos, heroes, and villains will make sense to you and thus be more enjoyable.

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I always recommend to read Identity Crisis by Brad Meltzer, which is available on here. look it up & read, you won’t be disappointed.

Both Kingdom Come and Identity Crisis rely on a knowledge of the characters. So while they are good stories, I’m not sure they are ideal for someone new to DC.

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I’m new to comics too. Like 4 or 5 months. It’s hard for me to start in the middle of things so I’ve gone all the watmy back to the beginning.

I read a few other things first but felt way too confused and disjointed, so I had to start from scratch. There are a lot if good online sources to help with that, though I dont recommend doing it that way.

For my method, my suggestion is to start with the Watchmen (and before Watchmen). Rumour has it that because relevant again in recent stuff. Reading that has definitely allowed me to appreciate the cheese and greatness if the comics from the 40’s and 50’s.

Also, you can find a lot if reading lists online, like this one

If I may… There is a superb documentary on here called “Secret Origin of the DC Universe.” I recommend starting with that. It will oriented you with the earliest iterations of the characters and give you an idea of their progression. From there you can pick your favorite characters and search for “essential reading” lists. As you start to encounter other characters that interest you, you can begin to branch out. Also, it helps if you talk with fans and let them know your likes/dislikes. Do you prefer more lighthearted, fun stories, or dark and brooding? Do you prefer simple straightforward storytelling or more cerebral stories loaded with metaphors and allegories. What art styles do you not like (personally, I avoid art by Frank Miller and Rob Liefeld, but love classic artists like George Perez and Neal Adams). The goal is to narrow your focus to find a starting point that will engage you, and go from there.


Watch Batman Animated Series, Superman Animated series. Watch both justice league tv shows. Read Batman Year 1. Batman death in the family, Batman the killing Joke. Flashpoint, All Star Superman, Nightwing comics, Wonderwomen 2009, 2017. Dark Knight trilogy, Superman 1979. Once you know enough about Batman and Superman, read The Dark Knight Returns, Superman Redson. Enjoy :grin::grin::grin:


My recommendations would be this Batman year One original Titans first issue then the new Teen Titans first issue Justice League and a JSA that’s the Justice Society of America they’re actually an offshoot of the original JLA set in the 1942 s justice league dark Swamp Thing I recommend watching the original Batman with Michael Keaton there’s also Batman year One and Gotham by Gaslight what you’re both good the Brave and the Bold series Justice League Unlimited the new Wonder Woman movie with Gal Gadot very well done reading Death of Superman series and zits substitute subsequent follow-ups of the inter the Superman and then Batman Begins Michael Keaton series I would stop at number 3 because after that it gets stupid but those are my recommendations as a lifelong comic book reader and superhero fan

Start with Batman Year one

The injustice comics have most of the characters and they are portrayed perfect

I would recommend avoiding Injustice and “alternate” stories such as Gotham by Gaslight for a newbie. You have to remember that they don’t know much about the characters yet, so giving them alternative versions early on is going to confuse them. Stick with the mainstream stories until you are familiar with the characters…then venture into all the different versions.

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The three Injustice story lines may have been my first real introduction to comics. I geeked out heavily with the video game though, so I knew a little here and there about the story lines. Plus, you don’t miss all that much if you follow the movies.

After reading Injustice, I fell in love with comics. Gotham by Gaslight wasn’t far behind that. And several other Elseworld arcs. I’m not like most people though. I dipped my toe in, and within a week had read a story summary or comic (if I couldn’t find a summary) of Catwoman from Batman 2 up through a few issues of her 1993 comic. Had to put her on the back burner though because so many other Batman stories are demanding my attention. Plus, Flash. Going back to the beginning definitely feels overwhelming sometimes, but it can also be rewarding.