Dipping My Toes Into These Waters

A little sketch of the Crimson Avenger - Detective Comics first costumed adventurer:



yeah, I remember this guy. Well, I remember reading his reprinted stories (I’m old, but not THAT old). This is a really cool sketch! Aside from the proportions being all good, you’ve captured a great facial expression - even with a mask!

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Wow, this is so good! Very well done!

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Very Awesome™:+1:

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Very good

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Thanks all. I remembered reading that movie stars of the time were rough visual inspiration for the likenesses of Superman and Batman et al, so I went with Randolph Scott. It does help - when I was reading the best era of Catwoman (Darwyne Cooke and Ed Brubaker) and saw that Slam Bradley was obviously based on Robert Mitchum, I knew exactly the sort of world they were in.

Very cool!