Digitized Comics Unavailable (or in Alternate Locations) on DC Universe Infinite: A Directory

Presenting a project that I’ve been working on for the past several months: a guide to all of the comics that DC has digitized that are unavailable on DC Universe Infinite, only available in collected editions on DC Universe Infinite Ultra, or, in the case of reprints, available in alternate issues and locations on DCUI. Up until now, references to these digitized comics have only been anecdotal, based solely upon personal knowledge. Therefore, this project was born out of necessity: we needed one central place to contain this information, in as complete and accurate a format as possible. My ultimate goal here is to create a directory of what DC has digitized but has only made available in locations that not easily searchable, providing links to where those issues can be found.

Additionally, I’ve seen a lot of people making requests in the Print-to-Digital Request thread for comics that have already been digitized. My hope is that people will check these lists first before making requests in that thread to see if what they’re requesting has already been digitized or not. Simply put, if it’s not on DCUI, and it’s not on these lists, then DC hasn’t digitized it yet (with certain exceptions; see below).


  • There are a number of titles that DC has digitized that have since been pulled from sale and distribution for one reason or another. These titles are not, and will not, be included on the lists. If it’s not publicly available, then it’s not available, period. If, in the future, titles that are currently on the lists are pulled, then they will also be removed from the lists.
  • Some titles that were initially published by DC are now considered Vertigo titles, while some titles that were initially published under the Vertigo imprint are now being republished as DC Black Label titles. The lists below reflect the imprints that the titles are currently being published under, regardless of the original publisher or imprint. So, if you’re looking for a Vertigo title and can’t find it, it may be on the other list, and vice versa.
  • Many, many thanks to Mike’s Amazing World of Comics and Grand Comics Database, two of the Internet’s most valuable resources, without which I would not have been able to compile these lists.
  • I am intending on updating these lists weekly as new collected editions, graphic novels and issues are released, assuming that those released on any given week contain relevant content. I have not yet decided on which day or time I will be updating. It will largely depend on when collected editions and graphic novels are added to hoopla, which can be days or even weeks after their release on Amazon.
  • I have endeavored to be as thorough, complete and accurate as possible with these lists. However, it is inevitable, perhaps even likely, that some mistakes have slipped through. Corrections are always appreciated. Please do not hesitate to submit them in this thread.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please leave them in a reply to this thread, and I will do my best to address them.

The lists:

Digitized Comics Only Available in Collected Editions on DCUI Ultra

This is the main list of the project: all of the DC, WildStorm and Vertigo titles that have been digitized, but which have only been released in collected editions. There are two sheets on this list, one for DC/WildStorm titles and one for Vertigo titles. Links to the books on DCUI Ultra are included.

Digitized Comics Unavailable on DCUI

These are all of the digitized comics that are still not available on DCUI even after the Ultra additions. This list has four sheets on it: DC/WildStorm titles, Vertigo titles, middle-grade graphic novels and series, and intercompany crossovers featuring DC characters that are currently published by other companies. Links to these titles on Amazon and hoopla (when available) are provided.

Digitized Comics Unavailable on DCUI - eBooks

These are a handful of titles released exclusively on eBook platforms, such as Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble NOOK, between 2011-2013. These titles are currently unavailable on hoopla. Of the titles on this list, the most significant (IMO) is Day of Judgment.

Digitized Comics Available in Reprints on DCUI

These are all of the issues (including many from the Golden and Silver Ages) that are currently on DCUI, but in alternate, unexpected locations that make them hard to find. Many of these are merely excerpted stories, but of particular note is the DC Comics Presents series, which reprinted many issues, entire series and even some graphic novels which are not otherwise available on here under their regular titles.

DC Preview Inserts (AKA Prevue Pull-outs) Available on DCUI (1980-1983)

These are 16-page minicomics previewing new DC series that were included with issues of (usually) unrelated titles in the early 1980s. These are all original content, and in many cases are essential reading to be able to fully understand what is going on in issue #1 of the previewed series. Since these stories are not included with the series that they are previewing, and since the descriptions of the issues that they are included with do not mention their presence in the issue, they can be difficult to find on DCUI unless you happen to know where they are, so I have created this list for them.

DC Sneak Peeks (aka Divergence Previews) (2015)

This is a collection of 44 free minicomics that were released in May 2015 to promote DC’s then-upcoming and on-going series. These are all original content, previewing both new series and future storylines, and are unavailable in the actual series themselves. We currently only have one of these on DCUI, but they are all available for free on dccomics.com. This list contains a reading order column to let you know where in each series these preview issues should be read.

Creator-Owned/Third-Party IP Titles Originally Published by DC

Finally, these are creator-owned and third-party IP series and graphic novels that were originally published by DC, but which are now being published by other companies. Titles from all DC imprints will be included on this list.


We are also missing Swamp Thing Annual 1 from vol. 2 of Swamp Thing on DCUI. This was a comic adaptation of the first Swamp Thing movie. To my knowledge, this has not been reprinted elsewhere. I hope I am wrong about that.


True. I have it listed on the Vertigo list. It can be found in Swamp Thing: The Bronze Age Vol. 3.


Sweet! I wouldn’t say that would be Vertigo as those were in the 70s and early 80s, although that title among a few others might have been a huge incentive for Vertigo.


Yeah, as I said in my notes in the top, I’m going by how these series are currently categorized on Comixology, regardless of how they were originally published.


This is amazing! :astonished:

Seems like at least some of this should be here… :thinking:


One last thing: can everyone on widescreen monitors see the Notes columns on these spreadsheets (the last column on the right)? I’m on a 4:3 monitor, so I have to zoom out to 75-80% to be able to see them. I just want to make sure that people aren’t missing them, since I put a lot of (what I consider to be) essential information in them, in particular which series are complete, which are completions of series that we partially have on here, which are just excerpts and what those excerpts are, etc.


No problem seeing the notes column. Good stuff doing this.


This is what I see. I am also using Vivaldi and have a side menu on top of not using full screen.


This is truly incredible work, KSA. The moderators should really check it out and pass it on to the DCUI archive management!


Those 44 Divergence comics should ABSOLUTELY be here! They’re essential to reading the “DCYOU” line of comics in 2015.


I have added a 6th list: Creator-Owned/Third-Party IP Titles Originally Published by DC. Series and graphic novels that were originally published by DC, but which are now being published by other companies. I moved a few titles over from the Digitized Comics Unavailable on DCUI - DC/WildStorm list (Major Bummer, Star Trek) and have added these titles:

  • Bloodhound
  • Elfquest: The Discovery
  • Elfquest: The Searcher and the Sword
  • Light Brigade
  • The Mighty
  • Moonshadow
  • The New York Four
  • Terminal City
  • Terminal City: Aerial Graffiti

(Titles from all of DC’s imprints will be included on this list.)

I made this a separate list mainly because I don’t know how happy DC will be with me for promoting titles that are currently published by other companies. I am just a guest here in DC’s house, after all. So if that list needs to be removed, I fully understand.

Assuming that there’s no problem with it staying, I need some help filling this list out. It’s hard to track down series like this, because it essentially requires going through the titles that are currently offered by every single other publisher, and even then, I’m not familiar with every title that DC has ever published, so it could be easy to miss ones that should be included. The titles that are on the list now are mainly the result of going through Dark Horse’s offerings and picking out the ones that I recognized as originally being published by DC. Even then, I could have missed a few. If anyone knows of any more series like this, please let me know in this thread, and I will add them to the list.

One of the biggest currently unavailable creator-owned series that was published by DC (maybe the biggest one that’s currently unavailable) is Kurt Busiek’s Astro City, which was pulled from digital sale and distribution last year and has yet to return. Hopefully it will do so soon, especially since the entire series has been digitized.

Finally, intercompany crossover titles featuring DC characters that are published by other companies will remain on the Digitized Comics Unavailable on DCUI - DC/WildStorm list, since they have a more direct connection to the DC Universe and I assume that DC at least gets a cut of the profits from those.


Weekly Update (4/13/21)


Digitized Comics Available in Reprints on DCUI

Title Issue #s Available In DCUI Link Notes
Action Comics (1938) 270 Action Comics (1938) #341 DC UNIVERSE INFINITE Excerpt (Supergirl story)

Nice work @KookieSuperApe, would love to see the Star Trek titles here, but we probably won’t


And, for those of us into the non-superhero genre books, there’s a good number of Combat comics and older Jonah Hex that would go some way to at least give a flavoring of these books on the DCU.


Correction (4/14/21)


Digitized Comics Unavailable on DCUI - DC/WildStorm

Title Issue #s Available In Comixology hoopla Notes
Superman/Wonder Woman 30-31 Superman: Savage Dawn Superman: Savage Dawn - Comics by comiXology https://www.hoopladigital.com/title/11938635 Initial publication of previously unpublished issues; also available in Superman/Wonder Woman (2013-2016) Vol. 5: A Savage End

(Replaced Superman/Wonder Woman (2013-2016) Vol. 5: A Savage End with Superman: Savage Dawn as the primary collected edition for Superman/Wonder Woman #30-31, as Superman: Savage Dawn is on hoopla whereas Superman/Wonder Woman (2013-2016) Vol. 5: A Savage End is not.)


Wow! This had to taken a huge amount of time and effort to put this together. Thank you for letting the community know this information! Much appreciated!!!


Weekly Update (4/20/21)


Digitized Comics Available in Reprints on DCUI

Title Issue #s Available In DCUI Link Notes
Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen 40 Action Comics (1938) #343 DC UNIVERSE INFINITE Excerpt (“Jimmy Olsen, Supergirl’s Pal”)

Special Update (4/21/21)


Digitized Comics Unavailable on DCUI - DC/WildStorm

Issues Missing From DCUI

Title Issue #s
Legends of the Dark Knight (2012) 88

Legends of the Dark Knight (2012) #88, one of the missing individual issues, has been added to the service! :partying_face:

One down, 27 to go…


This is my favorite thread in the community. Watching.