Digital Comic Release Schedule

I’m new to DC Universe and I was looking fora a list or schedule that announces which digital comics are released each month. Is that posted somewhere or do I just have to dig around the Comic section and see what pops up?

For an example, the service previously provided:

New Teen Titans (#13 - #20) from Oct. 2-15
New Teen Titans (#21 - #41) from Oct. 16-29
Batman: The Long Halloween from Oct. 23- Nov. 5
Batman: Dark Victory from Oct. 30–Nov. 12

This month we have a lot of Aquaman books.

In a perfect world, comics would stick around once they are added (like some other services), but since they are not, I’d like to be able to stay on top of the release schedule.

If you check the Watchtower board, they usually post what will be added and taken away for the month.


As of right now the comics section is up in the air as the Powers That Be discuss how its going to change in response to people’s issues with the addition and subtraction of titles. Don’t expect anything substantial to be added or removed prior to an official announcement via the Watchtower, probably not before early next year. My guess is that it will happen early in January around the debut of the new season of Young Justice though it could take longer.

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