Diedrich Bader ...underated as the voice of BATMAN!

Was watching a bunch of BRAVE AND THE BOLD and you know what? Diedrich Bader did a great job. He never gets mention, behind Kevin Conroy shadow…BUT…I couldn’t imagine BRAVE AND THE BOLD with out Bader’s voice.

The cartoon series was aimed at my youth and very much a tribute to Bob Hane y and the legendary Batman artist; Jim Aparo.

And the “Mayham the Music Miester” is with out doubt the best DC COMICS ’ themed musical!!!


As his character in Office Space said “F****in-a man!”

He is a good Batman. Booster Gold too


He is no Conroy but a great Batman in his own right

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I don’t think he’s underrated. His voice acting in Batman: BatB has been highly regarded as a great interpretation of Bat’s character especially for the campy style of that show.

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Yeah he’s pretty great at his own level for that show. Not being Kevin Conroy level doesn’t make someone bad at all


Kevin Conroy is by far the best dark & serious Batman and I don’t think anyone can match him on that level.
Likewise, Dietrich Bader’s version is a lighter tribute to the Golden / Silver age of Batman. I don’t think anyone can match performance.
They shouldn’t be compared

He’s a fantastic Batman. Probably why DCU hired him to reprise the role for the animated Harley Quinn series.


Bader is perfect for Batman: Brave and the Bold. His deadpan delivery evokes wonderful memories of the great Adam West. And “The Music Meister” is one of the best-animated episode of any show–ever!

I wasn’t sold on the Harley Quinn series until I heard Bader’s voice coming out of Batman’s mouth. I love TAS but BatB is my favorite Batman show