Diedrich Bader as Batman in upcoming HQ series

i was glad to see Diedrich Bader cast as Batman in the HQ series. He is a great comedic foil, as we saw in BATB.

Nice interview in the News section today.

Hot Take: i am so sick of Kevin Conroy. He’s third on my list of Batman voices. (Yeah, I said it. Conroy had his day, but doesn’t fit into the 21st century. And yes…I’m waiting for the angry mob of torch and pitch wielding folks.)

Rino Romano as a serious Batman, much better and more ground than Conroy.
Diedrich Bader if Batman needs the ability to do comedy. He has a great ability to do that and be true to the character.

Makes me even more excited for HQ series. They cast the Batman spot in. Well done DC Animated. It probably helps that Andrea isn’t involved in the voice direction and casting. While I often liked her choices, it was a very closed circle of actors. The so-called DCAU had its continuity but I’m glad that the other shows that came after found a new voice(s). The change was truly needed.


I agree that Bader is terrific but I will condone this slander of Conroy.


@Hubcityquestion So you will condone it?

That edit button needs to come


I love Conroy but we need Batman term limits

I’m a Conroy person. The Arkham games plus the multiple animated series embedded him as my Batvoice.

But Bader he’s a great voice as well. He was awesome in Brave and the Bold. Can’t wait to see how he is in HQ.


Bader’s Batman should fit well in the show’s overall tone, imo

I don’t have a bad word to say about Kevin Conroy and I imagine there’s plenty of Batman work to go around. I freaking love Diedrich Bader though the man is freaking hilarious and can do surprisingly tough and mean. Evil alien conquerers is his best work ever watch it today!

I didn’t say this when we were discussing religion, but now I feel it’s time to drop The B-Bomb.


Actually, I think Conroy’s great but I like different takes on the character.

Bader is one of the better Batmen, and some of Conroy’s performances are better than others, so I’ll grant you that.

But I won’t stand for anybody dissing Andrea Romano! That’s heresy.

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Kevin Conroy will always and absolutely be THE defining voice of Batman for me. There’s plenty of other talented people who play and have played him in animation, but Conroy is The Man.

That said, casting Lawrence from Office Space as Batman was a genius,“f***in’ a!” move. He also voiced Booster Gold on Justice League Action.


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I’m not trying to diss Andrea. She did amazing work (along with Bruce Timm)

But, look at the voice credits and you’ll see a very small, and consistent group of voice actors. That has its positives to be sure, but I think it has its downside as well. (Known quantity vs fresh blood) I can see the “shout out”, using Mark Hamill as the Trickster (based on his 1990 Flash live action) but the version of the Trickster from the Flash series and the character from JL/JLU are very different. So that’s one area where I think “new blood” would have been a better choice. I loved that she brought Adam West back in but made him the voice of the Mayor.

Bader’s first appearance for me was the Drew Carey show. And i like what i have seen of him in the pieces of the Beverly Hillbillies movie i have seen. Comedy aside, i like that he can be added to the pantheon of actors that have portrayed Batman.

I thought Adam West played the mayor on The Batman?