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Nearly 30 years before Bob Hastings voiced Commissioner James Gordon on Batman The Animated Series, he played Superboy on The New Adventures of Superman.

I love finding bits of trivia in the credits of movies and TV shows.

Do you have any fun facts from DC movies and TV? The more trivial the better!


DC almost sold Green Lantern’s rights to Marvel!

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Noel Neill and Jack Larsen who played Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen in the adventures of Superman are Lois Lane’s parents in Superman 78.


They were also in Superman Returns. Noel Neill had the first dialogue of the movie and played Gertrude, the wealthy woman Lex swindled. Jack Larsen played the bartender in Metropolis.

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Neil P. McDonough actually voiced Oliver Queen in a DC animated short a few years before playing Damien Darhk.

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That same Showcase short with Green Arrow (available here as an after feature extra with Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam wink) was also written by Greg Weisman, a writer of Captain Atom as well as a showrunner on Young Justice.


Kevin Conroy has made guest appearences in all Batman related shows since Batman TAS.

2 in Batman B and B (Phantom Stranger and Batman of Zur En Arrh)

The Batman (John Grayson)

Batman vs, Robin (Thomas Wayne)

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Jack Larsen was not Lois’s dad in Superman, the Superman from the matinee serial was her dad on the train.


Kirk Alyn :slight_smile:


That’s it, Vroom

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Collin Salmon. Arrow’s Walter Steele. Krypton’s General Zod.