Did They Remove the 90's Shazam Comic?

I hate to be one of those, but I noticed the Shazam! series from the 90’s seems to no longer be on here. I am pretty sure it has been removed since the announcement you guys were done removing stuff and would now give two weeks warning went up. I hope I am wrong and forgot it was taken down before that.

Heya @DanTheManOne1, I just checked and I see it here (sorry if hyperlink doesn’t work):

I found this by searching “Power of Shazam”. Let me know if this isn’t the run you were referring to. I don’t see any notification about takedowns of Shazam.

You are right, I must have missed it or typed it in wrong or something. Glad to see it is all still there and sorry for the mistake :slight_smile:

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One change I would recommend is to remove the word “the” from titles for the purposes of alphabetization.


Solid suggestion, @TheDemonEtrigan!
I’ll be sure to forward it to the team.

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