Did they remove some movies?

Welcome to the world of Sharing Rights to movies

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Rotation may behave differently now.
That HBO Max exists

All the animated films
Leaving DC Universe
On July 1
Came to
The same day

If you had both services
You didn’t lose them.

HBO Max seems to be
A typical streaming service so far
It definitely rotated video. out
Even in the first month of operation
It akso will get new video each month
To. maintain subscribers
And discourage bingers from.leaving

There is good reason to hope
These videos
Can come back here
After a set period of time
Or when a video
doesn’t generate many viewings
Or even when a new batch
Of videos arrive
To replace them

HBO Max has
63 DC titles currently
That’s enough
It doesn’t need a hundred titles
All together

So as new videos
Come in
Others will leave

Perhaps coming back to DCU
IF we can pay the rmonthly ental.fees.

The two Burton Batman. Movies
Which left July 1
Are no longer available
On either DC Universe
And HBO Max

These are
On You Tube
I could play them
But don’t know if
These films
Can be watched
For free in their entirely