Did they remove some movies?

I was going through the movies and saw they removed Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, Batman and Robin, Superman III and Superman IV. I wonder why?


They rotate movies every month. Check the Watchtower forums for announcements. They’re very good at updating us on what’s coming and going.


Hey @Den_Toonz_Comic! I do hope this hasn’t caused too much confusion. We’re always striving to expand the content that we offer and keep shows fresh, but that can mean that certain shows or comics have to be retired for licensing reasons or other concerns.

As @superby1 pointed out, we do try to keep our lovely community updated through the Watchtower. You can see everything we’ve added and removed by checking out this link here: https://www.dcuniverse.com/community/boards/watchtower/what-movies-are-coming-to-a

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I hate that they do this. Disney+ has all of their content all the time, and Netflix only removes stuff because contractual reasons and such.
DC Universe shouldn’t alternate content since they’re the only place one can watch most of the things on it.


Disney+ had removed stuff since starting, they have not kept everything up all the time.

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DCU has contractual reasons as well. Michael Uslan owns their Batman film franchise, for example. Just because it involves DC characters, it doesn’t mean that everything DC is owned by DC or even WB, Disney owns Batman ‘66 via Fox, for example.

DC Animated Films are owned by that operating company. They can strike deals with other providers for access to that content. One of the reasons things get rotated out.


Really? I haven’t noticed anything really missing. I believe you but do you know some examples?

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I just wish that more movies were on here. I am a huge fan of the DCAMU and they don’t even have Justice League: War on here anymore!

They had it but it was rotated out. I’m sure it’ll be on here again.

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Well depends on what you are counting I guess. As far as Marvel shows and movies they have not rotated anything out. Several movies did leave the service I know recently do to outstanding licensing agreements. But it was mostly Fox movies (if not entirely Fox movies). Seems one TV series did also (an older one not one of their originals) but again not sure what.

Disney Plus has made it clear that it won’t be a case of nothing leaving the service ever.

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I’m going to miss flashpoint paradox :cry:, but I sure am glad that we got justice league dark. I guess it’s just kind of saddening because there isn’t to much content to start with, and because the classics are being pushed out to make room for Harley.

Which is so wild

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I don’t really need a lot of the live action stuff on here as i have the dvds…but I’d like them to do what they plan to do with star girl with all the dc cw shows…no commercials, see it a day early

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Welcome to the community @76ajp76.48985

Flashpoint Paradox will likely be back eventually. They have rotated most of the movies they rotated out at least once before already. So am betting most of the movies that left will eventually come back.

Not sure they are taking them off to make room for Harley Quinn. Maybe I missed something but never gathered there was any kind of connection between those two. They have been rotating like this since the beginning.

If they are going to remove the content then remove them from the TV app so we don’t see them and click them only to see that they arent available… smh!

That’s unusual. Could you provide more information on that?

Welcome to the community @dudemonster! That’s definitely strange. While I have not personally experienced it, you could definitely be experiencing a bug with the app of whatever you are using to watch the content. I encourage you to report it on the DC Universe support page so they can address it. Try to get a screenshot or picture of the issue and include whatever you’re using to watch DC Universe content (ie. Amazon Firestick, Roku, computer, etc.)


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The rotation is horrible. At least with Disney adults can actually watch movies that are no longer on cable TV. The movies Batman, Superman and other types like there. Now there is nothing.