Did the CW pass on reprising NBCs live action Constantine to save the limelight for their eldest child, Supernatural?

I’ve been watching Constantine and it had me thinking about how similar it was to Supernatural. Sure it has a completely different take on how the world works, but the episode plots a scary similar. I’m really enjoying Constantine. But I’ll be honest, Supernatural does it better. I’m sure some of you might disagree. But Constantine had a way of throwing you right into the thick of things with little to no explanation. Obviously we are all for it, but the average viewer would be lost. So it makes sense why it failed. More over, The CW already had a thriving Arrow and Flash so adding Constantine would have been a neat add. But Supernatural is on it’s 14th season this year. I can see how adding such a similar show to The CW could steal some viewers away. What are your thoughts?

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Yeah that’s probably the reason. I get it

The show still deserves a new though!


CW needs to put that old show to rest. it should’ve stopped at season 5 like it was supposed to

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Constantine failed to find an audience because you can’t lock viewers into a new series with nothing but monster of the week episodes. i liked the show just fine, but it had a lot of missteps like how they botched the spectre super hard.

Constantine shouldn’t have been cancelled but the fans need to move on. Shows get cancelled all the time. And DC fans have so much to watch right now anyway. 11 shows that are ongoing currently. It’s hard to keep up with all of them.


This is why I wish we could get a Constantine show on DCU. The average viewer may be lost but those of us who are into comics really enjoy such a show. I believe it would flourish here.


Honestly Manny…
it is the 14th season of Supernatural and I am still fully invested. I’m talking I still watch the episodes weekly don’t even wait for Netflix. I thought they’d stop at 10 but I do not mind. At this this point the writing is so clever it’s on par with Dragon Ball titles. You just have to be a fan of abstract writing I suppose

I don’t think Constantine deserves a new season but I do think it will deserve a revamp in a few years. The plot seemed like it was vomited in your lap in a way. They need to break down to the very start. I didn’t feel connected to John in any way in this. There’s a reason people love Supernatural and there’s a reason it’s still on. People love the Characters.

I would like the writer of Supernatural to close the show and start writing a origins Constantine

I understand that people love the characters but when you’ve creatively bankrupted yourself, maybe it’s time to stop. The last thing I’d ever want to see after the wash that was the Constantine series would be McG or any of those other supernatural guys touch the property. I mean for example, I love the Simpsons, but that doesn’t really mean it shouldn’t have been cancelled 20 years ago. Some stories don’t need to last that long. Sometimes ending is a good and honest thing to do.