Did DC Kill The Wrong Wally West?

Did DC kill the wrong Wally West?

Or even the wrong Flash?

My favorite has always been Wally West (the original). In a rare case his history survives both Crisis On Infinite Earths and Flash Point (okay, so he was missing for a little while, but he came back with his past, it’s just no one else remembered it).

Wally West May be the best example of a side kick replacing his partner and end up being a better character.


“Did DC kill the wrong Wally West?”

Without a shadow of a doubt… YES!


DC really needs to stop playing favorites. It’s one thing to NOT feature a character, but to totally disrespect a character’s fanbase and do everything to diminish that character for something like personal preference is just childish and petty and takes away from the DC Universe rather than building it up. I was more than happy when Barry, after so many years, finally came back. But we should never forget that it was the writers of Wally’s Flash run that ultimately made it possible to return Barry to the DCU in a way that was logical and that added to the mythos of the DC Universe.

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I think it would’ve been cool to retcon Wally West 2 as a physical manifestation of the speed force that assumed the identity of Wally West 2 as a way of showing Barry that there was something wrong inside the speed force.

That the creation of all these speedsters from New 52 and Rebirth and the new powers is something that occurred because of Doctor Manhattan, Reverse Flash, and Zoom’s tinkering with the force.

Manhattan put Jay, Wally, and Bart in the speed force. Reverse Flash and Zoom used the negative speed force to to the initial break of the speed force.

The speed force created Wally West 2 to heal and protect itself and now needs him back to make it whole.

The real McCoy>>>. Having two Wally Wests is dumb, I don’t care that they’re supposed to be cousins.