Did DC Ever Make an Official Playlist to Dark Knights: Death Metal?

Or Apple Music or whatever. If I remember correctly they did it for the original series.


It wasn’t an official thing, it was just Snyder who made it. And he hasn’t this time.

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Metallica slipknot may be a little early 2000 Korn is what I think of when I see Death Metal especially when you look at this cover!


(In honor of T-Rex Batman)

And look up Batmetal on YouTube if you haven’t already. They did 3 videos, all hilarious.


Korn came to mind for me too, especially:


…and this (whose title reminds me of TBWL’s Robins):

The above features animation by Todd McFarlane, BTW.

Visiting dcdeathmetal.world reveals that a soundtrack is coming soon, but no date is shown.


DC is getting Metal :metal:also I’m look for that new Superman animated movie I think they are calling it Man of Tomorrow!

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@jsmsiggy They are. From the looks of it, its an adaptation of American Alien.


@TheTerribleToyman oh thank you that looks awesome !

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Anyone see this yet


Yep, it’s the only major content at dcdeathmetal.world right now.

All of this is making me not want to read Death Metal.

Why? Dark Knights Metal was awesome.

Sorry. I didn’t make myself very clear. Certain kinds of metal music is a little off-putting to me. I am just not a very big metal guy.

All that aside, I did buy Death Metal #1 today and, though I haven’t finished it yet, it seems like a good read so far.

This has pretty much sold me on this series. I have not read Metal and I think all of the books are on DCU so I need to get to reading!

We should be seeing brand new songs on this site in the future.
#1 has only just been released so I expect for it to take a few months to get everything, especially since the Original Metal’s soundtrack was released slowly over a long period of time.

They recorded songs for Metal. but didn’t put them in a curated playlist or on an album which felt very confusing, cus no lie that’s why I bought the book.

I know ‘Broken Dreams, Inc.’ by Rise Against was a song from the Dark Night Death Metal but was there ever any other song released?