Did DC Daily Do A Superboy Pannel?

I seem to hear people talking about DC Daily doing a panel on the Superboy TV Series. But I can’t seem to find an episode like that. Did they do one and if so which episode was it?

They did, episode 2

It was a good panel. They actually kind of poked fun at how cheap it looked.

Thanks guys. I will have to watch it :slight_smile:

This raises a really interesting idea. It would be cool if when you look at a piece of content on here, like the pilot episode of Superboy, the app had a related content or DC Daily section on the same page that links the DC Daily episode to the content. So, after watching or reading the content, you can quickly watch the panel in which the DC Daily cast discuss it. I have enjoyed watching DC Daily and the panels, but I am typically watching them before I actually consume the content they discuss. I imagine as DC Daily has a huge backlog of episodes, this kind of feature would be super helpful and engaging.

The panel for episode 2 was on Batman:Ninja. I just saw the part with Sam Levine taking about it but not a panel, is that what everyone is referring to. What am I missing?

@DanTheManOne1 It’s funny. The way I remembered it as well was that the panel discussed it on episode 2, but it appears that they only did a Spotlight segment on it.

@DanTheManOne1 it was about 5 to 7 minutes in.

@bneyed DC Universe did talk about installing a feature where once you once something, the app recommends comics that the feature takes inspiration on.

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