Did DC cancel the Immortal Men series??

Anybody know if they canceled the immortal men series?

It was canceled at issue #6 because the writer and artist had too much other work, I think is what they said.

Sorry, also meant to say that there was an article about it on Bleeding Cool.

Sad .

I thought it was kind of a cool concept. I’ve enjoyed it when DC had done this concept before, like Chronos that they have in the library here the idea of the people in the DC Universe that seem ageless.

Hmmm no Chronos…why did I think it was here?

That sucks I was loving the series to especially issue 6 towards the end

I loved it too, it was easily my favorite New Age title. I hope it will resume or (return with a new volume if that’s easier) when Tynion has the time for it.